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How Transitional Care in Provo Reduces Hospital Readmissions

How Transitional Care in Provo Reduces Hospital Readmissions

"Ready, Set, Go Home" is a transitional care program designed to help seniors make a successful return home after hospitalization and to minimize the risk of rehospitalization.

Roughly 20% of seniors on Medicare are hospitalized again within 30 days of discharge. Hospitalizations are stressful for older adults and their loved ones.

Many older adults functionally decline after a hospitalization, which impairs independence and quality of life. Even the most basic tasks become overwhelming and exhausting.

Visiting Angels is committed to reducing hospital readmissions through our Ready, Set, Go Home program. Designed to ensure the best outcomes, this program provides clients with essential personal home care services following a hospitalization.

Our Discharge Guide to Prepare for Your Return Home

While still in the hospital or rehab, patients can ask the important questions outlined in our Ready, Set, Go Home discharge guide for better preparation in returning home. By using the guide to record information discussed in discharge plans with health care providers, seniors can identify areas requiring assistance and determine who (family, friends, neighbors and/or Visiting Angels) can help and coordinate their care at home.

Our Visiting Angels team will visit seniors in the hospital and have a plan in place before discharge to ensure peace of mind for the entire family. With the input from seniors, loved ones and healthcare providers, we individualize care to meet their specific needs.

When returning home, seniors can use the Ready, Set, Go Home discharge guide as a reference to important information and notes from health care providers. Seniors should also bring the guide to follow-up appointments, to maintain a comprehensive record of directives and remind them of questions to ask health care providers.

Should you or a loved one require home care after a hospital stay, contact Visiting Angels today to learn more about our Ready, Set, Go Home program. Request a free home care consultation from your local Visiting Angels' home care agency today.

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