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How Transitional Care in Venice Reduces Hospital Readmissions
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How Transitional Care in Venice Reduces Hospital Readmissions

Ready, Set, Go Home with Transitional Care

With the comprehensive transitional care services available from Visiting Angels® Venice, you can help make sure your loved one has the support they need during their hospital discharge and further recovery at home. We have built an entire program around the needs of seniors who are undergoing a hospital discharge. Called Ready, Set, Go Home, this program is designed with the aim of lowering care recipients' risk of returning to the hospital.

Close to 20% of seniors on Medicare are rehospitalized within a 30-day period of being discharged. This statistic shows just how important it is to make sure elderly adults have all the help they need to avoid complications, follow their physicians' instructions for recovery, and get back into the daily rhythm of life at home after a hospital stay has disrupted their routines.

Why Are Seniors At Risk of Hospital Readmissions?

It's relatively common for older individuals to undergo a period of decline after being in the hospital. Once they are discharged, they may realize they feel fatigued and lack energy. This could stem from the side effects of new medications, a lack of quality sleep in the hospital, or the continuation of symptoms from an illness. Seniors may also encounter mobility limitations that hinder their ability to care for themselves to the level they once were able to.

When these circumstances take elderly adults by surprise, they can find it tough to closely follow their doctors' instructions and get into the swing of their once-normal routine. As a result, they may start skipping tasks that are essential to their overall well-being, whether that's preparing nutritious meals, taking medications according to a strict schedule, or bathing regularly. This situation can lay the foundation for complications to occur, requiring a return to the hospital in a vicious cycle of readmissions.

How Transitional Care Helps Seniors in Venice

The Ready, Set, Go Home program has been carefully built to include the services elderly adults need while preparing for a hospital discharge and staying safe and comfortable at home. We help families plan for the discharge process and arrange the care their loved ones will require when they return home. Our care providers can assist with a broad spectrum of daily activities through compassionate in-home care, such as reminding seniors to take medications, assisting with showering and grooming, preparing meals, and coordinating transportation to appointments.

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