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Parkinson's Care in Virginia Beach

Parkinson's Care in Virginia Beach

provider of Parkinson's care in Virginia Beach assisting elderly patient on to couch

How We Can Help Your Family

Parkinsons' disease is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that impacts body movements. This condition can create serious fall hazards, especially for seniors. With our professional Parkinson's care, Visiting Angels┬« Virginia Beach provides a higher level of home safety for seniors with this disease. 

We offer flexible in-home assistance from kind and reliable caregivers. Our goal is to create a safer and more comfortable home environment so your loved one can continue living in their own space. For seniors with Parkinson's, living at home affords them comfort and privacy as they cope with the effects of their disorder. We are committed to providing the help your loved one needs to remain at home and avoid the move to a care facility. 

About Our Parkinson's Care in Virginia Beach

Our caring professionals provide detailed support that makes their home life safer in a number of ways. Our Parkinson's care will help with:

  • Daily chores and household management
  • Safe mobility and help with daily activities
  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Fall prevention and household safety tips
  • Medication reminders and other memory support
  • And much more!

Parkinson's Care From Trusted In-Home Caregivers

In addition to our dedicated support, there are many ways you can make their home safer. Those with Parkinson's tend to shuffle their feet, so you can cut down on tripping hazards by removing rugs and excess phone and electronic cables. Consider installing hand-railing in the bathroom and on the stairs. Remove clutter from the home and make sure every room is well-lit. You should also encourage them to keep a flashlight on their nightstand. 

It's important to remember that those with Parkinson's suffer from slower body movement, balance issues, limb rigidity, muscle stiffness, and other physical issues. Your goal should be to create a living space free from hazards that could cause them further discomfort. For areas such as the bathroom, stairs, and kitchen, safety measures should be taken to make their life easier and provide them with simpler access to essentials. 

We are ready to work with you on improving the safety of their residence and providing constant care to tend to their needs. With our support, companionship, and helpful tips, you can create the most comfortable living situation for your loved one. Our service region includes:

  • Virginia Beach
  • And the surrounding areas

To learn more about our Parkinson's care, contact Visiting Angels Virginia Beach today and schedule your initial care consultation. 

Serving Virginia Beach and the South Side

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