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In Home Care in West Warwick

In Home Care in West Warwick

Provider of in home care in West Warwick hugging elderly patient

Do you have an older family member who's living alone right now? Isolation is always a worry for adults above 50—more than half of them report feeling isolated or lonely. This year, this number has only increased. For local seniors, our in home care professionals in West Warwick can often reduce these feelings. 

At Visiting Angels® Warwick, our senior care is responsive to the many needs of our clients. We offer comprehensive services to help seniors flourish. That includes emotional support and companionship, to improve the day-to-day lives of those we serve. 

3 Effects Of Loneliness For Seniors 

Loneliness isn't just a state of mind. It can have real consequences on the brain and body. Here are three common effects of isolation: 

  • Low moods and anxiety. Contact with other people can help to regulate emotions and keep blood pressure low. When people lose contact with friends or family, this can contribute to an increase in stress and low moods. Loneliness can make it especially difficult to climb out of those difficult moments. 
  • Decreased strength and mobility. Social activity is a great way for seniors to stay on their feet or at least move around. When seniors don't have a good reason to leave the home, they often won't. It can contribute to a decrease in physical health, particularly strength and mobility. Once lost, these can be tough to regain for older individuals. 
  • A change in cognition. Unfortunately, long-term isolation is deeply linked to changes in cognition. It can cause gaps in memory or thought processing, resulting in a decline in mental health. Loneliness can even become a risk factor for memory disorders such as dementia. 

With our in home care services, we aim to minimize the isolation felt by seniors in West Warwick. Our caregivers bring compassion and a friendly, thoughtful attitude to the role. We chat with clients, encourage them to stay active, and make sure they don't feel lonely. We help to reduce the effects of isolation.  

Find Empathetic In Home Care in West Warwick 

Regular visits from a caregiver can restore routine, reduce loneliness, and minimize any difficulties faced by seniors. At Visiting Angels Warwick, we can create a schedule of in home care specifically with your loved one in mind. We consult with families across: 

  • West Warwick
  • South Kingstown
  • Coventry
  • Westerly
  • Scituate
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you have an older family member in West Warwick, in home care can truly improve their quality of life. Contact Visiting Angels Warwick to get started. 

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