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Dementia Care in Derby

Dementia Care in Derby

provider of dementia care in Derby standing with senior patient

How To Help When They Say They Want To Go Home

At Visiting Angels┬« Wichita, our dementia care is the ideal solution for many Derby area families. We provide in-home assistance for local seniors with the disorder, creating the opportunity for more seniors to continue living at home. 

With the various effects of dementia, it's crucial to know how to react. You might hear your loved one declare "I want to go home," while they are standing in their own kitchen. This common occurrence is often misinterpreted as pure confusion, but in reality it reflects their diminished ability to communicate. They are likely attempting to convey some form of discomfort, and because of this side-effect of their disorder, this is the only phrase that comes out. 

In these moments, it is crucial to avoid logical arguments. Instead of trying to explain that they are already at home, focus on making them feel safe and loved. Give them a hug or a pat on the arm, and maybe even play some of their favorite music to calm them down. 

Choosing our professional dementia care is a terrific way to support your loved one in the Derby area as they battle with this disorder. We can provide knowledgeable support and compassionate care scheduled around your needs. Our services are always customized to deliver the right level of assistance for each senior. 

Our Professional Dementia Care in Derby

The goal of our in-home dementia care is to keep local seniors living safely in their own homes. Keeping them in this familiar environment will save them from the stress of relocation and provide so many benefits that they won't find in an assisted care facility. With our help, they can continue enjoying the peace, privacy, and comfort of home for as long as possible. Our service delivers:

  • An easier and safer home life
  • Wonderful companionship from a trusted source
  • Customized care that adapts to their changing needs
  • A stress-relieving respite opportunity for family members
  • And much more!

Dementia Care To Help The Whole Family

With our assistance, you can relax and feel confident that your loved one is safe. A dementia diagnosis can impact the entire family, and there's no reason to take on the challenge of their care by yourself. 

We assist families throughout:

  • Derby
  • Wichita
  • Andover
  • Haysville
  • Valley Center
  • Park City
  • And nearby areas

Our dementia care is the perfect way to provide consistent support for your Derby area loved one. To learn more about our service, contact Visiting Angels Wichita and set up your care consultation today. 

Serving Wichita and the Surrounding Areas

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