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Alzheimer's Care in Wichita Falls: When is it Time?

provider of Alzheimer's care in Wichita Falls with elderly patient

There are many medical conditions where the treatment option is clear. If you break your leg, for example, you'll probably need rest for a while and wear a cast. However, when it comes to cognitive conditions like Alzheimer's disease, the next steps may not be as obvious. At Visiting Angels® Wichita Falls, we do our best to help local families figure out how to determine if home-based Alzheimer's care is appropriate for their loved one, and what form that care should take over time. 

Questions You Can Ask About Your Loved One

At Visiting Angels Wichita Falls, we give families the option of a free in-home consultation to discuss their loved one's condition so we can go into detail about how our home-based Alzheimer's care can help. We understand, though, that taking this step can be difficult, and you may not even be sure if your relative's condition warrants professional care.

To help make this initial step a little easier, our team at Visiting Angels Wichita Falls has come up with a few conditions to consider:

  • As far as you can tell based on their appearance or what's in their fridge, is your loved one eating well? 
  • Are they still socially active or do they seem less engaged than usual?
  • Are they taking their medications and attending their medical appointments?
  • Are they taking care of their appearance to the same degree as usual?
  • Have they ever wandered off or gotten confused about where they were?
  • Do they have any physical limitations that you've noticed as they stand up, walk, or do other basic activities?
  • Have you ever felt like they needed more help than you were able to give, even if it's just for simple tasks?
  • Does the thought of leaving them on their own for too long make you nervous?

All these questions can help you identify areas where your loved one could use additional support. In fact, even if you can't quite pinpoint what you think is wrong, simply sensing that something isn't right can be a good enough reason to consider your care options for a relative with Alzheimer's disease.

Our Alzheimer's Care Services in Wichita Falls

Visiting Angels Wichita Falls offers personalized Alzheimer's care plans that can include help with household chores, medication reminders, and other specialized forms of support for seniors with the disease who wish to live at home. To learn more, call today to book a free consultation at your loved one's home in the Wichita Falls area.

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