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In Home Care in Woodbridge: Helping When Family Isn't Nearby

Provider of in home care for Woodbridge seniors with elderly patient

Woodbridge is a wonderful place to call home, but as more of our elderly residents start to have a difficult time with certain activities of daily living, it isn't always clear whether they'll be able to stay in this beloved community. This is particularly true for seniors who don't have any loved ones living nearby. As many adult children outside of Woodbridge start to worry about their elderly parents living alone, Visiting Angels® Woodbridge is here to offer advice on how to help these seniors stay in the homes they love, starting with our in home care services.

Helping Your Loved Ones Age in Place in Woodbridge

At Visiting Angels Woodbridge, we partner with many families who want to do whatever they can for their elderly relatives in Woodbridge, including families that live locally and those who are doing their best to help from another county or state. In addition to providing personalized in home care services for their loved ones here in Connecticut, we routinely share updates about the seniors in our care and provide guidance on how families can help out, wherever they are.

Some of the simplest ways that you can make life easier for your aging loved ones include:

  • Book payments and deliveries online so they don't have to worry about missing bills, running out of medication, or not having enough healthy food around the house, especially if it's a trek to the nearest grocery store.
  • Enlist family and friends to book individual trips to Woodbridge so your loved ones regularly have a visit to look forward to, and so multiple people have a chance to check in on how your elderly relatives are getting by at home.
  • Embrace FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or some other video chat technology so you can pick up on visual and audible signs that anything has changed with your relatives. 
  • Do some research about community programs for seniors including meal delivery, volunteer driving services, adult education courses, and other events that could interest your family members.

Get Started with an In Home Care Consultation in Woodbridge

If you have aging relatives in Woodbridge, Milford, New Haven, Hamden, or Stratford, don't wait to contact Visiting Angels Woodbridge about our in home care services in the area. We can arrange a free in-home consultation for your loved one, as well as a phone consultation with you and other relatives.

Call Visiting Angels Woodbridge today to learn more.

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