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How’s your water? ©
If there’s anything we take for granted in the USA, especially here in the southeast, it’s our pure and plentiful fresh water. We turn on the tap and bingo, fresh water. Or we go by a farm and think nothing of seeing a pivot irrigation system spraying out hundreds of gallons a minute to insure our crops don’t suffer from drought as our forefather farmers’ crops did.

Last week I got a wakeup call over our water system. The well tank went out. At least it was leaking so badly that I was concerned we might lose our water supply any minute. I can’t say I’m surprised because the date inscribed on the outside well in the back yard is 1932. As I understand it from our Vet, who used to live here as a boy in the summers with his uncle, the house was originally build without indoor plumbing. And the original water system was a hand pump in the kitchen.

So I did what most people in my shoes would do: I called the well guy who said “I’ll be over after lunch”. That was Wednesday. Same story on Thursday and again on Friday. So I finally decided I’d tackle it myself. Armed with the fresh knowledge of having watched a couple other guys on YouTube (another marvel of our Tech world) change out their tanks, I proceeded to the hardware store and bought a tank and the fittings I thought I’d need to re-do the plumbing.

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