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Boy am I sore ©
No, I’m not mad, I’m sore, as in gym sore.

For those of you who are regular readers of this column you may have realized that I haven’t written about exercise or gym workouts for the last 3 ½ years. That’s because I haven’t been to the gym during that time. Shame on me!

That’s how long we’ve been at this old farm we bought and we’ve been doing major renovations basically all that time which gets me outside doing a lot of physical activity. But carrying 50 Lb sacks of chicken feed or goat and cattle feed isn’t the same as working out in the gym with weights. In fact, I’ve been very much aware lately that those 50 sacks of feed feel heavier than ever as I’ve lost muscle tone.

Enter my 23 year old son, Jess, a health and physical fitness guru, who is back living with us awhile (which is an absolute delight for my wife and I) as he works toward finishing the degree that he started while he was serving in Afghanistan. “Want to go to the gym with me, Dad”? I finally said yes last week after getting tired enough of wresting on clothes that were too tight over a body that’s become too soft.

So off we went last week. First day was an abs workout. Not too bad. A little sore for the next couple days if I coughed or sneezed, but OK. The next day we did arms and shoulders.

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