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A Higher Call ©
“On December 20, 1943, In the midst of World War II, an era of pain, death, and sadness, an act of peace and nobility unfolded in the skies over Northern Germany. An American bomber crew was limping home in their badly damaged B-17 after bombing Germany. A German fighter pilot in his Bf-109 fighter encountered them. They were enemies, sworn to shoot one another from the sky. Yet what transpired between the fighter pilot and the bomber crewmen that day, and how the story played out decades later, defies imagination. It had never happened before and it has not happened since. What occurred, in the most general terms, may well be one of the most remarkable stories in the history of warfare.”

That is the opening paragraph of “A Higher Call”, a non-fiction book my friend Harry Edwards recommended when we visited him a couple weeks ago. I said to myself, “If Harry says it’s a good book I’m ordering it”. Four days later Amazon had it in my mailbox; how did we ever get along without Amazon?

I’m only halfway through the book but I can already recommend it to you without reservation…..especially to the men who read this column. What a “page turner”!

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