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Transitional Care in Coral Springs Reduces Hospital Readmissions

Transitional Care in Coral Springs Reduces Hospital Readmissions

Ready, Set, Go Home with Transitional Care

Hospital readmission is far too common among the elderly, but with transitional care from Visiting Angels® Coral Springs, your loved one will have a much stronger chance of remaining at home. We work hard to provide the flexible home care many seniors need to avoid a return trip to the hospital. Our mission is to provide the dedicated support each senior needs to successfully navigate their return home. 

Why Readmissions Occur

After a long and uncomfortable stay in the hospital, the last thing anyone wants is to go straight back. For seniors recovering from illness or injury, it is crucial to secure some form of outside support. Without proper assistance around the house, your loved one is likely to end up back in the hospital. Here are four primary reasons why seniors often suffer from hospital readmission:

  • Difficult adjustments. Dealing with a new injury or illness can be confusing. Without the right support, seniors may struggle with this transition and fail to comply with medical guidance. With our support, they'll have a kind and attentive person around to remind them to take their meds and make sure they are following advice from their doctor. 
  • Disrupted routine. It's hard to get good sleep inside a hospital, so seniors coming off a hospital stay are often tired and disoriented. It can really help to have someone around they can rely on during this transitional period. 
  • Memory issues. Those with memory-based disorders are at an even greater risk of readmission, as it can be difficult to keep track of all the new information. 
  • Failure to follow up. Missing key follow-up appointments can really hurt your loved one's chances of avoiding the hospital. We provide memory assistance along with safe transportation to make sure they keep up with their appointments. 

How Our Transitional Care in Coral Springs Helps Seniors Remain at Home

With our transitional care, Visiting Angels Coral Springs provides customized in-home support to keep seniors out of the hospital. To learn more about how we can assist your family, we invite you for a free initial senior care consultation to discuss your needs in detail.

Our transitional care is available for seniors throughout Coral Springs, Tamarac, Sunrise, Plantation, and the surrounding areas. For more info, call Visiting Angels Coral Springs and schedule your free care consultation today. 

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