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Companion Care in Fort Wayne

Companion Care in Fort Wayne

provider of companion care in Fort Wayne standing with senior patient

For seniors living alone at home, social isolation and loneliness can be commonplace. These feelings can grow into a chronic concern, putting health at risk. It's one of the many reasons families turn to companion care services from Visiting Angels® Fort Wayne. In addition to helping your loved one live at home more easily, we can help them truly flourish. 

When we set up care services for any client, we do our best to match each client to a caregiver who's ideally suited in temperament and capabilities. We strive to maintain consistency in the caregivers who serve your loved one. Should the need arise to add a new caregiver, one of our managers will always do an appropriate introduction. We want to make sure you are comfortable with those assisting your loved one. The social benefits of home care are enormous, so let's take a look at a few. 

The Benefits of Companion Care in Fort Wayne 

At Visiting Angels Fort Wayne, our caregivers are renowned for compassion and friendliness. We know how much of a difference companion care services can provide to the seniors we support. Here's just a few of those benefits: 

  • Cheery companionship. Having a friendly face to chat with on a regular basis is so important. Our caregivers forge meaningful connections with clients every day, making sure your loved one always has someone to talk to. Just as important, we can also alleviate any difficult moments of stress, anxiety, and confusion, so your loved one feels truly at ease.  
  • Staying connected. We know how much our clients love to see family and friends! Our care professionals can help your family member get online, so they can connect with grandchildren, friends, and other cherished contacts. Having an active social life can help to minimize any feelings of loneliness and isolation. We make it easier for seniors to stay connected and social through technology. 
  • Help with activities. Many seniors abandon hobbies or other beloved activities when they start to struggle with age-related difficulties. The support of a professional caregiver can encourage them to take up these favorite activities again. These types of activities can be tremendously beneficial to overall physical and mental health. They can lower stress levels and blood pressure. They can reduce depression and feelings of anxiety, too.   

Help Your Loved One Flourish At Home 

If your loved one is struggling with the challenges of living at home alone, our agency can set up companion care right away. We're proud to support seniors in: 

  • Fort Wayne
  • Northeast Indiana
  • Columbia City
  • Huntington
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Help your loved one flourish in the comfort of home. Learn more about our compassionate companion care services by calling Visiting Angels Fort Wayne today. 

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