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In Home Care Provider in Fort Wayne

In Home Care Provider in Fort Wayne

in home care provider in Fort Wayne assisting senior patient down stairs

As the leading in home care provider in the region, Visiting Angels┬« Fort Wayne offers a crucial service for local seniors and their families. When it comes to caring for an elderly relative, things can quickly get overwhelming. Fortunately, our professionals are here to help. We can provide flexible and customized assistance inside their home to keep them safe and comfortable. Most importantly, our support helps ease the duties of family care providers and keep local seniors out of the assisted living facility. 

With the busy holiday season coming up, it's vital to take a look at your loved one's situation and decide if it's time to get some outside help.  

When to Hire an In Home Care Provider in Fort Wayne

Here are some signs that your loved one could benefit from our in home care:

  • A Cluttered Home. Many seniors struggle to keep up with daily chores and other household duties. Maintaining a clean and organized home is great for their mental health, and this is one area where we can provide a lot of help. 
  • Increased Confusion. As their mental abilities decline, confusion will become more common. Having a helpful person around to lean on in these difficult moments can make a huge difference. 
  • Reduced Personal Care. Not only is it difficult for many seniors to properly bathe and groom themselves, but these moments can become a serious fall hazard. If your loved one struggles with self-care, our care providers can deliver attentive and compassionate support with these sensitive tasks. 
  • Missed Appointments. There comes a time for every senior when they are no longer comfortable behind the wheel of a car. In addition, with a deteriorating memory, they are likely to forget about appointments from time to time. We are proud to provide safe transportation, mobility assistance, and memory reminders to keep them up to date with appointments and doctors' orders. 

The Benefits of Our Professional In Home Care

We offer a wide array of care duties to match the needs of each senior. To understand your loved one's specific requirements, we provide every family with an initial care consultation where we answer your questions and learn about your situation. This helps us form a customized care plan to keep them safe and secure, while also providing high quality companionship. 

Our service area includes:

  • Fort Wayne
  • Huntington
  • Columbia City
  • Northeast Indiana
  • And the surrounding areas

To learn more about our in home care providers, contact Visiting Angels Fort Wayne today and book your care consultation. 

Serving the Fort Wayne Area in Northeastern Indiana

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