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In Home Care in San Antonio

In Home Care in San Antonio

provider of in home care in San Antonio standing with senior patient

This year, social distancing measures have made many people understand the negative effects of loneliness. Unfortunately, social isolation can have a serious impact on a person's health and well-being. One of the first concerns of our in home care agency is making sure seniors have companionship, conversation, and support. That's always been important at Visiting Angels® Northeast San Antonio, and it's especially crucial now. 

For families in the area, we can offer professional care and support services as often as needed. We assist with the physical challenges that clients might face—but we also offer emotional support, too. We help to minimize the risks associated with social isolation. 

How Social Isolation Can Affect Seniors' Health

Sadly, loneliness and isolation has always been prevalent amongst seniors. This year, it's an even greater risk. Here's why it might be a concern, and what we can do to help: 

  • Increased stress levels. Those with less social contact are more likely to suffer from higher blood pressure, anxiety, and increased levels of stress. The presence of a friendly, encouraging caregiver can dispel some of that stress and anxiety. With our in home care agency for the San Antonio area, we strive to have the same professional visit your loved one. That way, your family member isn't greeted by a stranger, but by a friendly, familiar face. 
  • Higher risk of cognitive difficulty. When seniors are isolated, they're at greater risk of cognitive decline. Loneliness and lack of social contact can be a big risk factor for dementia and other memory disorders. At Visiting Angels Northeast San Antonio, our compassionate caregivers can help. We keep clients mentally active with conversation, assist them in pursuing favorite hobbies, and even help them connect with family members online. 
  • Poor sleep or appetite. Feelings of loneliness can activate depressive spells and related issues, such as decreased sleep and appetite. Professional care can reinstate some consistency, routine, and familiarity for a loved one who's struggling. We can even prepare and cook meals. We offer compassion and emotional support, helping seniors rebuild healthy habits and a regular schedule.   

Providing Comprehensive In Home Care in San Antonio 

If you need in home care professional services for a family member, our agency can help. We offer adaptive, compassionate care for seniors living in: 

  • San Antonio
  • Ft. Sam Houston
  • Converse
  • Randolph Air Force Base
  • Live Oak 
  • Uptown
  • And throughout the surrounding area

An empathetic, trusted in home care professional can help to reduce social isolation. Set up a consultation with Visiting Angels Northeast San Antonio—contact our office today. 

Serving Live Oak, Converse, Uptown, Randolph Air Force Base, Ft Sam Houston and Surrounding Areas

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Windcrest, TX 78239
Phone: 210-951-0702 ext 101