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Home Care Meal Preparation for Seniors


Home Care Meal Preparation for Seniors.

Preparing meals ahead of time is important when you have an aging loved one living at home. Meal preparation takes time, but it also helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. In-home health care can help with this practice, where you can be assured that your loved one is getting nutritious meals, while getting some companion time, as well.

As your loved one gets older, they may start to lose interest in eating. If your loved one lives alone, mealtimes may be a lonely time for them. It is not uncommon that some older people may have a reduced sense of taste or smell, which may make food seem less appealing.

Medications can also effect what your loved one wants to eat. For aging individuals with physical or mental impairments, difficulties with grocery shopping and preparing meals may be obstacles to good nutrition. Even if seniors do eat well, they may not fully take in all nutrients.

What is In-Home Meal Preparation?

Caregivers can provide personable care to help encourage and prepare meals for your loved one. This home care service by care professionals will, of course, depend on the diet and restrictions they have spoken to you about as part of their medical care. During meal preparation, the following will happen:

  • Grocery shopping for ingredients, if needed
  • Actual food preparation (cutting up meat, slicing vegetables, etc.)
  • Cooking the meal
  • Putting away leftovers
  • Doing the dishes, putting the dishes in the dishwasher
  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen and food preparation areas

Other Home Care Meal Preparation Items to Consider

Many seniors have dietary restrictions, which makes them unable to eat a multitude of items or food groups. If your loved one has diabetes, they will need to have low-sodium or low-sugar intake, and many other restrictions. Caregivers or Independent Contractors, have the ability to work with your loved one and you to help develop a diet that is suitable for their needs, as well as healthy.

Having your loved one in the kitchen can potentially be dangerous. There are many different elements that can be a factor to an injury: heavy objects, hot surfaces, and hard-to-reach places.

In-Home Caregivers can work with your loved one to help them prepare meals. Cleanup is also a factor to consider. Bacteria or food-borne illnesses could be deadly for some, so in-home healthcare could help assist in this area, as well.

Keep in mind that the small things may make a big difference. Aging loved ones can experience a decrease in simple senses like smell and taste as a side effect of medications, so the food doesn’t taste like they remember, and it becomes less appealing. Caregivers can make the food more flavorful without compromising its nutritive value. As a result, your loved one will regain their appetite and want to eat, and more importantly, regain strength and vitality.

Sometimes factors that can cause malnutrition are of the mental state. Depression, stress, anxiety, and dementia, can contribute to the loss of the want to eat and sometimes even weight loss. Your loved one may simply resent preparing meals and eating alone, so they may abandon to try to eat healthily or even eat at all. Caregivers can take these factors into consideration and try to make everyday meals into enjoyable, even companionable, experiences for your loved one.

Visiting Angels provides this home care assistance for the care recipient to provide a meal plan with healthy meals and good home cooking for the seniors we care for in Omaha and the surrounding communities. For more information on Visiting Angels and home care in Omaha call us today at 402-917-8225.

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Getting started is easy. Simply get in touch with one of our local home care offices. We can match your loved one with a caregiver who can provide the assistance they need. Respite care is offered on an hourly basis so you can establish the frequency and scope of care that best meets your needs. Because our home care services are flexible, should your loved one require more engaged care in the future, we can expand our role to include:

At Visiting Angels, we’re here to be your caregiving partner. Find out more about our in-home respite care services by connecting with a local office today 



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