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In Home Care in Shasta Lake City

In Home Care in Shasta Lake City

Provider of in home care in Shasta Lake City hugging elderly patient

Personal Care vs. Companion Care

If you think your loved one needs in home care, you may feel dazed by the number of options out there. What choice is right for your loved one? For families in Shasta Lake City, Visiting Angels® Redding can guide you through crucial decisions to make sure you're setting up the right level of care and support for your loved one. We make sure seniors can thrive comfortably at home.  

While our care plans offer endless customization, it's useful to know the difference between personal care and companion care. Let's review. 

Choosing Between Companion Care and Personal Care 

How do you choose between companion and personal care? Companion care offers more basic assistance, for seniors who only need a low level of support. Personal care, on the other hand, offers more rigorous, daily support. From our in home care team in Shasta Lake City, here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do they have a driver's license? For some seniors, driving may become a tougher task over time. If your loved one isn't able to drive for whatever reason, a companion caregiver can make an enormous difference. They can assist with errands, drive your family member to appointments and engagements, and more.  
  • Are they struggling to perform daily grooming? If you're starting to notice that your family member is having difficulty performing daily grooming tasks, a personal care caregiver may be required. Our personal care caregivers bring enormous sensitivity to the job, helping clients feel less self-conscious and more comfortable. 
  • Are you worried about their safety? When a family member is having trouble walking, getting up out of chairs, or difficulty with their memory, it's natural to be worried about their safety. In these cases, a personal care caregiver may be ideal for alleviating safety concerns. 
  • Is housekeeping a strain for them? Some seniors may be fine on their own—except for when it comes to housekeeping or meal prep. If laundry or light tidying is too much of a strain, or if your loved one simply isn't confident in the kitchen, a companion caregiver can help with these tasks. 

Schedule Customized In Home Care in Shasta Lake City 

Our in home care team can help you set up customized support services as quickly as you need them. We offer support to seniors in: 

  • Shasta Lake City
  • Cottonwood
  • Yreka
  • Redding
  • Palo Cedro
  • Red Bluff
  • Anderson
  • Mt. Shasta
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Interested in scheduling in home care in Shasta Lake City? Call Visiting Angels Redding for more information! 

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