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In Home Care Services in Greenwich

In Home Care Services in Greenwich

provider of in home care services in Greenwich looking at photo on mobile phone with elderly patient

How to Help Aging Parents Stay at Home

Living at home is the best option for most seniors. However, with declining physical and mental abilities, this choice is often not left up to them. In order to safely remain in their own space, seniors often need outside help. With our in home care services for Greenwich area residents, Visiting Angels® Stamford can provide dedicated support and companionship to keep your loved ones safe and secure in their own residences.

An ongoing home life provides peace, dignity, privacy, and many other great benefits. We are proud to deliver the customized support many seniors require to maintain a home life and avoid the transition to a care facility. Along with our dedicated in-home service, we'd also like to share some proven tips for how you can improve their situation and make life easier. Here are our recommendations. 

3 Tips to Help Your Elderly Loved One Remain at Home

  • Create a Safer Living Space. Improve their home safety by getting rid of tripping hazards, improving lighting, maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and increasing bathroom safety. The last point is critical, as many dangerous falls happen in the shower or while getting off the toilet. Grab bars and non-slip mats can have a huge impact, so make these a priority. 
  • Keep Up With Their Medical Needs. Now is the time to acquire permission to view their confidential medical info. This will allow you to meet with their doctor and hear every detail of their medical situation firsthand. With this info, you can better protect them from injury risk, anticipate their needs, and keep them in-line with medication protocols and other doctors' advice. 
  • Utilize Some Type of Emergency Service. This is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety for both of you. In the event of an accident when you are not around, a wearable emergency device will give them the ability to quickly summon help without any movement. 

Trusted in Home Care Services for Greenwich Area Families

In order to live a happy and fulfilling home life, your loved one likely needs some level of support. Seniors often struggle to maintain clean homes, keep up with daily self-care, and maintain a healthy diet. We can be there to provide the exact assistance each person needs to live their best life. We are proud to offer our customized care and flexible scheduling for seniors throughout:

  • Greenwich
  • Stamford
  • Darien
  • New Canaan
  • And the surrounding areas

For further details about our in home care services in Greenwich, contact Visiting Angels Stamford to arrange your care consultation today. 

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