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In Home Care in Brook Park

In Home Care in Brook Park

Provider of in home care in Brook Park hugging elderly patient

How To Upgrade The Home For Senior Living

For seniors, everyday tasks may present new challenges over time. It's one of the toughest things to accept about getting older. If you have an older loved one, incorporating accessibility supports, in home care services, and other measures can help to reduce the difficulty level of these tasks. For families in Brook Park, Visiting Angels┬« Berea recommends thinking about home upgrades, too.

A few improvements throughout the home can help your loved one navigate the space easily, comfortably, and safely. Let's take a look. 

3 Tips For Making Accessible Home Upgrades 

Where do you begin with home upgrades? You can always ask your in home care team at Visiting Angels Berea for personalized suggestions. For now, here are a few options to consider for seniors in Brook Park: 

  • Incorporate motion-activated utilities. For many seniors, turning water faucets may be a challenge for painful joints. Searching for light switches in the dark may be a fall risk, too. Think about incorporating motion-activated taps and lighting in key areas throughout the home. Hallways and entrance areas are a place where motion-sensor lighting can make a huge difference right away. 
  • Maximize the space in easy-to-reach cupboards. As our loved ones get older, reaching to grab items out of high-up pantry shelves or low-down cupboards may be impractical or dangerous. It may be worth taking any items out of these areas completely. Instead, installing pull-out shelving can increase the overall space available in easy-to-reach cupboards and closets. Tip-out compartments might improve access to tall cupboard shelves, too. 
  • Protect your loved one from furniture accidents. Standalone shelves, dressers, and television sets can be fall risks for older family members. Think about using screws to secure these units into the walls. Make sure your loved one has a clear, easy path through the home with enough clearance to move around furniture without a thought. For low tables with sharp edges, you may want to use corner guards or tape to reduce the potential for bruising. 

About Our In Home Care in Brook Park 

At Visiting Angels Berea, we take enormous pride in helping seniors live at home safely. Our customized in home care services are designed to help clients thrive with dignity, comfort, and joy. We work with families in: 

  • Brook Park
  • Fairview Park
  • North Olmsted
  • Columbia Station
  • Berea
  • Strongsville
  • And throughout the surrounding communities or area

Find out more about our thoughtful in home care services for Brook Park area seniors. Call Visiting Angels Berea, and we can get started today.

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