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Seniors and caregivers should understand the 4 stages of pneumonia and when to seek medical help.

4 Stages of Pneumonia in Seniors

Anyone can get pneumonia with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Seniors may be more likely to get pneumonia and experience serious complications. Due to these higher risks, older adults and their caregivers need to recognize early pneumonia symptoms. They also should understand the four stages of pneumonia so they can seek prompt treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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The effects of anxiety and how families can help seniors manage symptoms

4 Steps to Help Seniors Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is often characterized by unbearable worry, phobia, obsessive thoughts, or panic attacks. But it is NOT a normal part of aging. In fact, it can signal a mental health disorder that can have a significant negative impact on your senior loved one’s health and wellness if left untreated. Here are some tips family caregivers can use to help their senior loved one manage anxiety and get the treatment they need.

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Personalized dementia home care provides many benefits for seniors and families

6 Benefits of Customized Dementia Care

Seniors living with dementia have different needs depending on their symptoms, disease stages, risks, overall health, personal preferences, and other factors. A “one-size-fits-all” care option may not take all of these factors into account, making it more challenging for people with dementia to receive proper care. Here are a few benefits of customized, one-to-one dementia care provided by a qualified in-home caregiver.

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Home Care Worker Helping Senior With Physical Therapy

5 Ways In-Home Care Can Help Seniors Stick to Physical Therapy Programs

Whether it’s on a short- or long-term basis, sticking to a physical therapy program is an integral part of achieving optimal results. Here are a few ways in-home caregivers can help seniors follow their physical therapy program.

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senior isolation and elderly care

3 Reasons Why Elderly Socialization is Critical

As the world has changed because of COVID-19, many are discovering just how essential regular social contact is for their happiness, comfort, and quality of life. While we’ve all been struggling with the ongoing social restrictions, it’s a good time to reflect on how essential socialization is for seniors, in particular, and how we can support our elderly loved ones.

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palliative care at home

Understanding Palliative In-Home Care

When an elderly loved one has been diagnosed with a serious illness or is struggling to cope at home, it can be a stressful and confusing time for the whole family. But through palliative care, your loved one can enjoy greater comfort and ease, whatever the stage of their treatment or condition.

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