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Caregiver Practicing Elderly Fall Prevention

Elderly Fall Prevention: Spotting the Warning Signs & Risk Factors

Fall prevention is a crucial part of keeping elderly adults healthy and safe. Seniors are already at higher risk of suffering a fall, due to a range of age-related risk factors. When these falls occur, elderly adults face much a higher risk of serious injury. They also face a much lower likelihood of recovery from these injuries. At Visiting Angels, we help address these risks through our Safe & Steady Fall Prevention program. This program teaches seniors, families, and care providers how to make falls less likely by creating a safer home environment.

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Preparing for Mid-Stage & Late-Stage Alzheimer’s Care

Preparing for Mid-Stage & Late-Stage Alzheimer’s Care

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, planning for mid-stage and late-stage Alzheimer’s care may be the furthest thing from you mind. But once you have your bearings, you’ll want to find time to think about what lies ahead. As overwhelming as early-stage Alzheimer’s might seem, the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease are even more difficult. Preparing yourself for these stages will make it easier to cope, which will improve quality of life for you and your loved one.

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senior home care services, home care services for the elderly, quality home care services

Do You Have the Right Care Plan for your Senior?

You’ve taken the time to carefully choose a home care agency to provide the support your loved one needs to stay in their own home. Your Mom seems happy with the services and caregiver. But, is she getting the right home care services to address all her health conditions and personal concerns?

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Dementia, Senior Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s

Understanding the Stages of Memory Loss

When making care decisions for a family member who is showing signs of memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s vital to understand the stages that they may go through. By having a better understanding of the changes in behavior and abilities, you can choose the most effective course of action for your loved one’s treatment and care with the help of doctors and caregivers.

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older adult nutritional guidelines, healthy eating for the elderly

Senior Dietary Changes That Can Boost Body Health

Good nutrition is important at any age to maintain a healthy body. It is especially important for aging seniors to sustain proper weight and good health while avoiding chronic conditions such as diabetes. The National Resource Center on Nutrition reports that one out of every four seniors suffers from poor nutrition.

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