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Grab bars can help protect seniors from falling in bathrooms.

7 Safety Risks Caregivers See in Homes of Seniors

Making sure your senior’s home is free of common household safety hazards is a critical component for their well-being. Unfortunately, some in-home safety risks can be overlooked by family caregivers and result in senior falls, injuries, and other preventable accidents. Here are seven safety hazards our experienced Visiting Angels’ caregivers commonly encounter in homes of seniors.

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Senior with mask in restaurant during coronavirus pandemic.

Keeping Seniors Safe in Public During COVID-19

As communities reopen across the country, many seniors are looking forward to going back to the hair salon or barber, the grocery store, a relative’s house, or a favorite local restaurant. Here are a few senior safety tips for public settings — and some information on how professional caregivers can assist you in protecting your senior during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Right Doctor for Your Elder

If you have a loved one who is in their 60s or older, you may wonder whether they should be seeing a geriatrician. When choosing a doctor for your elder, it may not be clear whether they’re in need of a geriatrician or a traditional primary care provider.

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How to Avoid Senior Isolation and Loneliness

As seniors get out of the house less frequently, they may experience feelings of loneliness and isolation, which not only have a negative impact on their mental well-being, but can also pose serious consequences for their physical health.

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Two older adults communicate while wearing masks during COVID-19

Strategies to Help Seniors with Hearing Loss During COVID-19

Individuals around the globe are donning masks and keeping safe distances to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but older adults with hearing limitations are struggling to understand and communicate effectively with family, friends and others. Use simple strategies to better communicate with those with hearing impairments – even through a mask.

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A woman with an elderly friend talking while social distancing during COVID-19

When Seniors Want to Social Distance — and Others Don’t

After months of following public health recommendations to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, some people are becoming less vigilant about social distancing. This “quarantine fatigue” presents a problem for older adults who want to social distance because they’re at a higher risk of developing complications from COVID-19. Here are a few suggestions to help when your senior loved ones want to social distance and others refuse.

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