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Tips and recommendations to help older adults manage arthritis symptoms

Safety Tips for Seniors Living With Arthritis

Is an elderly loved one in nagging pain? A troublesome hip, shoulder, or fingers aren’t just indications of progressing age, they can also indicate the onset of arthritis. If this condition isn’t managed carefully, it can potentially lead to serious injury. There is good news, though. The potential dangers of arthritis to the elderly can be minimized through healthy behaviors and habits and creating safer living spaces.

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Proper Skincare techniques for seniors and the elderly

Skin Protection for Seniors: What You Need to Know

Proper skincare can keep older adults’ skin healthy, robust, and youthful, while helping to prevent and reverse damage caused by sunlight, exposure to the elements, and the aging process. It’s never too late to start an effective skincare routine for healthier skin.

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Yoga benefits for seniors and older adults

Yoga and Exercise Promote Healthy Aging for Seniors

Yoga can help older adults improve their balance, stamina, and flexibility — which may lead to a lower risk of falls and an improvement in overall health and wellness. In addition to improving physical condition and mobility through exercise, yoga also provides stress-reducing and mood-boosting benefits. Learn the benefits yoga can have for older adults.

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Discover hygiene tips to protect the elderly and seniors from viruses such as COVID-19

Virus Prevention Tips for In-Home Senior Caregivers

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives and altered how we interact with each other. It’s only natural to be anxious and worried if you’re caring for an elderly loved one who could be vulnerable to COVID-19. Learn simple ways to ensure your senior loved one is as protected as possible from contagions.

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Senior Care Ideas: How Gardening can Help Seniors Stay Active

When it comes to senior care, studies have found that gardening lowers cortisol levels, which can help reduce blood pressure and even alleviate stress. Gardening is also known to increase serotonin which promotes peaceful and calming feelings. Whether a small vegetable patch or a bloom-filled backyard, gardening can keep seniors active while offering a sense

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Protect elderly from bed sores

How to Prevent Elderly Loved Ones from Getting Bed Sores

If you are caring for an older adult who is confined to a bed or who uses a wheelchair, you may have been advised to watch out for bed sores. While “bed sores” may not sound dangerous, they can be painful and have the potential to lead to serious complications such as infection or non-healing wounds. Elderly people who are confined to beds or are wheelchair-dependent need help to prevent bed sores, which can negatively affect their health, well-being and overall quality of life.

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