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Learn the advantages of in-home care vs. nursing homes

7 Benefits of In-Home Care vs. Nursing Home Care

Determining the best overall care for a senior loved one can be an overwhelming decision. As you dwell on what to do next and where to turn, the question of whether in-home care is better than nursing home care or an assisted living facility could arise. To help you through this thought process, here is a list of seven advantages of in-home care.

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The Best Senior Care: Treat Them with Respect

At Visiting Angels, we know that family caregivers play an integral role in keeping their loved ones safe and happy at home. We also know this role comes with stress. We’ve gathered this list of senior care strategies that can help family caregivers communicate, engage, and care for their loved ones.

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Homecare Assistance: A Cure for Senior Loneliness

A recent study, the National Poll on Healthy Aging, found that one in three seniors is lonely. “Living alone, in particular, was highly associated with feeling lonely. Among those living alone, 60% reported feeling a lack of companionship and 41% felt isolated.” In the report, homecare assistance was listed as one of the solutions to help alleviate this problem.

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Finding the Brighter Side of Elderly Care

When families investigate elderly care for a loved one, it is often stressful and can leave adult children fearful for their parent’s future. Families often assume their loved one’s need for assistance will cause a decline in quality of life. But in reality, a decline in quality of life is far from a sure thing. Home care often improves the quality of life for seniors, providing them with some of the best years of their lives.

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lack of exercise in elderly, social benefits of exercise for elderly, fitness for seniors

Exercise Benefits for Seniors Range from Chronic Disease Prevention to Boosting Immune System

Exercise just might be the key to the fountain of youth. Research reports that regular physical exercise improves both physical and cognitive functions. However, only 28 – 34% of adults ages 65 – 74 are physically active. According to the American Academy

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Elderly Woman Video Chatting with Her Family

6 Ways to Care for an Aging Loved One With No Immediate Family Nearby

Worrying about aging parents is the reality for many adult children, whether their parents live alone or with a spouse whose health or memory is failing; however, it’s especially hard when you no longer live near your parent. You know Dad’s getting to an age where he can’t be entirely independent. What happens when you or your siblings are not around to drop in on him?

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