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In Home Care in Morton Grove

In Home Care in Morton Grove

Provider of in home care in Morton Grove hugging elderly patient

Supporting Your Loved One With Home Upgrades

For seniors, the risk of falls and other accidents around the home increases over time. At Visiting Angels┬« Chicago, our professional in home care includes fall prevention and other mobility support. We make it easier for seniors in Morton Grove to remain at home safely. We can also recommend home upgrades to improve accessibility and ease for your loved one. 

Upgrading the home doesn't have to be an overly expensive or involved process. Instead, making thoughtful upgrades based on your loved one's needs can make a huge impact. Let's take a look. 

4 Ways To Improve Accessibility Around the Home 

With our in home care team, you can get guidance on home improvements which are specifically based on your loved one's needs. For families in Morton Grove, here are a few general upgrades to consider: 

  • Take out knobs. Doorknobs and knob-style handles can become increasingly difficult to use for older individuals. Think about replacing knobs on drawers and cupboards with D-style handles, and swapping doorknobs with lever-style door hardware. These can be especially helpful for seniors with arthritis.  
  • Increase seating. It can be helpful to add seats to areas of the home where lengthy or tricky tasks are involved. For example, a portable bath seat can be a great addition to the bathroom, reducing the risk of slips and falls in the shower. Adding a stool to the entrance can allow your loved one to sit down and put on their shoes. 
  • Go wireless. Wires on the ground can be a serious concern for falls. Wherever possible, opt for wireless electronics and lighting such as hardwired wall sconces. If you still have wired appliances, try installing small hooks on the wall, so you can keep wires off the floor while guiding them towards outlets. 
  • Secure furniture and flooring. Bookshelves, televisions, and dressers can all be at risk of tipping over. You'll want to make sure these are properly installed and secured to wall studs, if possible. This allows for safer use of the home. Think about removing any slippery rugs or mats, and secure any carpeting to the ground with carpet adhesives. 

About Our Trusted In Home Care in Morton Grove 

At Visiting Angels Chicago, our comprehensive in home care plans can be endlessly customized. We make sure your loved one always has trusted professional support in place no matter where they are, including:

  • Morton Grove
  • Golf
  • Niles
  • Lincolnwood
  • Chicago
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Visiting Angels Chicago is proud to help seniors age in place. To schedule in home care in Morton Grove, get in touch today.

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