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Visiting Angels is Your Referral Source for Your Senior Home Care Needs

Visiting Angels in New Port Richey is a Florida licensed Nurse Registry. We help arrange a self-directed model of Senior Home Care by referring experienced caregivers who can provide one-on-one non-medical care and assistance to seniors who wish to remain in their own homes. The Registry based model allows you to select your caregivers through Registry referrals and decide what services and level of care you need. You are in charge of the schedule and services you agree to - directly with the caregiver. We take care of the administrative paperwork and leave you free to direct your loved one's care.

Some of the life care navigation programs and other care-related programs featured on the national website are not available via our registry model. We are currently updating our website to reflect the distinct offerings of the Nurse Registry model.

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Richard Glass


6328 US Highway 19 #C
New Port Richey, FL 34652

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Senior Home Care Services in New Port Richey, FL

Visiting Angels New Port Richey is a Florida licensed Nurse Registry that provides a self-directed model of Senior Home Care. We refer experienced caregivers who can provide elderly residents in New Port Richey the one-on-one non-medical care, love and assistance they need for a happier and healthier life, while still being able to remain in their own homes. You decide what services and level of care you desire and select your chosen referred caregivers from our Florida licensed Nurse Registry. You are totally in charge of what schedule and services you agree to with your caregiver. We take care of the administrative paperwork and leave you free to direct your loved one’s care. We pride ourselves on compassion and dignified service, to help make independent living a possibility despite the troubles that old-age brings. Clients repeatedly tell us that the professional, loving, independent caregivers we refer go above and beyond to make this a reality for your loved ones.

Getting started with Visiting Angels of New Port Richey:

Senior Home Care Services for elderly New Port Richey flVisiting Angels of New Port Richey proudly refers experienced independent home care providers to the elderly and disabled throughout New Port Richey, including in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties. We know that physical and mental limitations can make independent living a struggle and that leaving for a care home is an unattractive and often depressing alternative.

That’s why we strive to refer to you or your family member a caregiver who can enable you to live in your own home with confidence.

To get started we will:

  • Take time to learn about your caregiver needs and preferences and any concerns you might have.
  • Identify, background check and refer caregivers from our registry that match your criteria.
  • You are in charge of selecting your caregiver and are always free to accept or reject any referral.
  • Not interfere with your home care relationship, because you remain in control of your home care. You and your caregiver can develop your personalized care plan based solely on your needs and can develop a schedule of when you want the caregiver to provide services for you.
  • Be waiting in our New Port Richey offices for your request that we refer a substitute or replacement caregiver at any time

Often our referral services can be initiated and started on the same day you call.

Call 727-841-8440 to find a caregiver near you today. We’re 24/7 so the pain doesn’t have to be.

Experienced Caregivers providing Senior Home Care Services

At Visiting Angels we refer only pre-screened experienced caregivers that can provide Senior Home Care Services that you select in consultation with your referred caregiver. we understand you expect independent caregivers of the highest quality. That’s why we only refer background checked and credential verified caregivers. Here is a list of common care services that referred caregivers can provide to help your loved one thrive in life in their own homes:

We offer affordable Hourly Registry Rates (you and your caregiver will determine the caregiver’s pay rate)

Visting Angels New Port Richey, FL Pasco County

We also can refer skilled caregivers who can provide:

*Live-in Caregiver referrals are for clients who want or need a caregiver in the home 24 hours a day. Subject to mutual agreement between you and your caregiver, caregivers usually works for 16 hours and sleeps for 8 hours. If the client needs assistance during the night, the caregiver is there to help them. For clients who do not sleep through the night or are up repeatedly, clients usually choose 24-hour care. Under the 24-hour program, a caregiver is awake and available through the night and does not sleep.

No Minimums Contract Needed For Senior Home Care Services

We believe your needs require care that is flexible and comfortable. That’s why we do not require clients to sign binding commitment contracts. Pay can be made privately and through long-term care insurance.

The Importance of a Client Bonding with a Referred Caregiver

At Visiting Angels we understand how important it is to have a good match between Caregivers and Clients. That’s why our Nurse Registry puts you in charge of the caregiver selection process. Only you and a referred caregiver can agree to work together. You always have an opportunity to interview a caregiver before deciding to work together, and once senior home care services are underway you remain in control of your care. , We are always available to make referrals of replacement or substitute caregivers at your request, at any time.

Client Coordinators

Every client is assigned a Client Coordinator to help you with the initial, and any subsequent, caregiver referrals. We are available 24-7 within 15 minutes when you need us.

The safety of seniors is of paramount importance to us; each caregiver’s background is thoroughly checked by state officials, the FBI and local agencies before the caregiver is eligible for referral.

Our registry of experienced independent caregivers include Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs) who have a demonstrated ability to provide exceptional care and love to those who need in need. All caregivers have passed rigorous background screening required by Florida regulations.

Our professionalism and high standards separates us from other competitors. You can be assured you’re in safe and trusted hands, knowing that our day-to-day work in New Port Richey is run and organized by local, experienced and loving New Port Richey residents.

Senior Home Care Services Near Me

Owner Richard Glass opened a Visiting Angels in Florida, after noticing the need among elderly New Port Richey residents for a reliable referral source for independent caregivers so they can receive self-directed care without giving up their independence of living in their own homes.

Rick says, "This is good, important work. Offering people a way to receive care while staying in their lifetime homes is rewarding and, to make that a reality, there is a big need for the referral services that Visiting Angels provides."

Visiting Angel since 1998 has been providing offering exceptional elderly caregiver referral services to elderly clients throughout the State of Florida. With offices operating across the state, we have worked hard to become a trusted and respected caregiver referral option for the elderly and disabled.

Visiting Angels New Port Richey Reviews

"Visiting Angel's helped so much after my 83 year old grand-mother fell and hurt her hip and knee. The angel that was most helpful was Brenda Davidson. She cooked cleaned and help my grand-mother bathe, she even let us borrow her wheel chair. I can't say enough about how much that help us out. Thank you for a job well done . - Cassidy P. New Port Richey

"I love Visiting Angels and the angel Muriel C-G, is just wonderful. I am so grateful for her help with my husband. Having someone here to help me do the things i cant do on my own for my husbsnd is a blessing. Thank you." - Sue H. Paso County, FL

"We can't thank Visiting Angles enough for all their assistance in providing us with such a wonderful CNA to help with our loved one. Our CNA Lisa Jones has been with us for quite some time now and she goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide Willard with the best of care. Thank you again, Theresa." - Theresa S., New Port Richey, FL

Why Choose Visiting Angels for Your Senior Home Care Needs?

Visiting Angels consumer-directed model of referring experienced, screened caregivers through our Licensed Nurse Registry puts you in charge of your services every step of the way from specifying your care plan to selecting your caregiver.

  • You’re always In Charge of your Schedules and Caregivers.
  • Caregivers maintain their own professional liability insurance
  • No Minimum Contracts Required
  • All Home Care Services Are Tailored Specifically To Your Needs and Desires...You are in charge of all aspects of your care
This webpage contains links to other webpages that were developed by Visiting Angels Corporate for offices that operate a different type of business and do not reflect the business practices of Visiting Angels Tampa, FL, a licensed nurse registry.
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Owner: Richard Glass

6328 US Hwy 19, Suite C
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Call (727) 233-8346 Contact Us

Senior Home Care Services Near Me:

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