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Award Winning Caregiver Training

Award Winning Caregiver Training

Our in-depth Dementia training consists of Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care training, the Virtual Dementia Tour and courses created by Visiting Angels University. Our training, Dementia specialization, and recruitment methods have been awarded best practices awards, and most recently we received the Caring4Cal grant in support of using our training to expand the home and community based workforce in California. 

Caring4Cal Grant Award Winner: What Makes Our Training Different

Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care Training

Teepa Snow is world renowned for her approach on Dementia. Her Positive Approach to Care (PAC) is a series of simple techniques, based on understanding the areas of the brain that are no longer working. Her methods focus on making use of the parts of the brain that are still active, so you can protect and grow your relationship. With two certified PAC trainers on our staff, we have implemented Teepa Snow's teachings into our training process for our caregivers. This gives each of our trainee's the tools they need when caring for our Dementia clients. 

The Virtual Dementia Tour

This course creates dementia awareness through an immersive experience of what people with Dementia struggle with everyday. The tour disorients, frustrates, and tests the participants patience and limits. When participants finish the tour, they have had an experience of difficulty trying to complete simple tasks, confusion with no answers to their questions, trying to focus while being completely disoriented, and much more. Once the tour is over, the participant has a better understanding of what people with Dementia experience. This inspires compassion, empathy, patience, and a desire to learn for the participants, creating a better and more passionate caregiving workforce.  

Visiting Angels University

As a company that is nationally known and locally owned, we are able to use Visiting Angel's vast education resources in order to create the perfect curriculum for our participants. Visiting Angels University is an online resource with over 90 courses with detailed trainings for all aspects of caring for our elderly and disabled community. We are able to assign courses to caregivers handling specific cases to ensure that they are prepared and refreshed on the information they need to provide confident quality care. This resource provides an abundance of information for caregivers and allows them to further their skillset on their own timeline. 

What is Caring4Cal?

Caring4Cal is a program funded by the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) with a goal of expanding, enhancing, and strengthening California's home and community based care workforce. Caring4Cal focuses on new ways to expand in home care and reduce the need for our aging community to enter institutionalized care. Caring4Cal understands the importance of supporting aging with dignity in the comfort of your own home, an ideal that Visiting Angels holds at its core value. Visiting Angels of West LA were chosen out of hundreds of applicants to receive this grant and hold a 6 month recruitment and training program. Through Caring4Cal, we were able to hone our skills and take our existing training methods to a whole new level. At the close of the grant, Visiting Angels successfully trained over 700 home care providers. We are so proud of our trainers and the amazing work we were able to accomplish thanks to Caring4Cal.  

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