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Home Care Services in Marina del Rey

Home Care Services in Marina del Rey

provider of home care services in Marina del Rey standing with senior patient

As part of our home care services for seniors in the Marina del Rey area, we assist care recipients with reducing their risk of suffering from a fall while aging in place. By minimizing risk factors and providing much-needed support with basic activities, we can help seniors avoid serious injury and maintain their independence for longer. Our team of caregivers at Visiting Angels® Santa Monica is fully dedicated to making it possible for seniors to preserve their autonomy while benefiting from personalized assistance.

Understanding the Importance of Fall Prevention in Marina del Rey

In addition to being more likely to fall, trip, or slip than younger adults, seniors have a greater chance of being seriously injured when falls do occur. These injuries can have serious physical, emotional, and social effects on seniors, oftentimes resulting in a loss of independence and a move to a rehabilitation center or assisted living facility.

Take hip fractures for example. The CDC has reported that the vast majority of hip fractures, over 95%, are induced by fall. Half of seniors who fracture their hips never regain their previous functionality. Even worse, 20-30% who are 65 or older die within a year, according to AARP. With statistics like these, it’s clear families need to do as much as possible to help reduce their loved ones’ fall risk.

Fall risk factors can be physical, such as vision impairment or poor coordination, as well as environmental. Preventable home hazards include the following:

  • Lack of adequate lighting in corridors
  • Unsuitable footwear or loose clothing
  • Clutter and slip-prone rugs on the floor
  • Unsafe use of walkers or canes
  • Stairways without railing
  • Hard-to-reach storage spots

About Our Home Care Services in Marina del Rey

With our home care services, we help remedy some of the most common risk factors within seniors’ homes. Our caregivers can point out spaces where reflective tape or nightlights could be beneficial and suggest modifications to make bathrooms and stairways safer. They can also assist with physically demanding activities, such as bathing, grooming, and getting dressed. Depending on the care recipient’s specific living circumstances and current condition, our senior care experts will develop a fall prevention program that suits their lifestyle and care needs.

We’re able to provide home care services for elderly adults located in:

  • Marina del Rey
  • Santa Monica
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Bel Air
  • Venice
  • And nearby communities

For support with fall prevention and more, consider getting started with our home care services in the Marina del Rey area. Give Visiting Angels Santa Monica a call today to reserve a no-cost consultation.

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