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In Home Care in Santa Monica

In Home Care in Santa Monica

Provider of in home care in Santa Monica hugging elderly patient

This year has been hard for plenty of reasons, and social isolation is just one of them. For seniors, however, being apart from family and friends can take an enormous toll on health, well-being, and quality of life. Our in home care professionals appreciate how important it is to provide emotional and social support to clients. At Visiting Angels┬« Santa Monica, we're committed to helping seniors thrive. 

If your loved one is living alone at home, they may be suffering from feelings of alienation or isolation. A professional caregiver can have an immediate impact. Let's take a look at how. 

How In Home Care in Santa Monica Helps Lonely Seniors

With social distancing measures in effect, more seniors are experiencing loneliness than ever before. Our agency has always made it a priority to combat the social isolation faced by elderly individuals, and that's especially true now: 

  • We provide companionship and comfort. Seeing a friendly face on a regular basis can elevate mood, decrease blood pressure, and alleviate feelings of loneliness. With Visiting Angels Santa Monica, your loved one will always have a caregiver who's truly interested in their well-being. We chat with clients, offering companionship and conversation whenever we visit. 
  • We encourage clients to stay active and engaged. Pursuing hobbies and other types of activity can provide enormous comfort to lonely seniors. Our in home care professionals always encourage seniors to take part in cherished activities. Whether that means joining your loved one on a stroll or helping them out around the garden, we do what we can to keep them active, alert, and engaged in the Santa Monica area. 
  • We connect seniors and their families. Connecting with family and friends online can be a tremendous mood boost for isolated seniors. Our caregivers can help clients navigate technology and get comfortable on the computer, so they can chat with grandkids or long-lost pals. We make it easier for your family to stay in contact with your loved one even while you're apart. 

Find A Friendly, Compassionate Caregiver Today 

When you choose our in home care agency, you're always getting high-quality care from the same trusted caregiver. We match each client with a friendly, caring professional who's ideally suited to look after them. We have compassionate, attentive caregivers in: 

  • Santa Monica
  • Marina del Rey
  • Venice
  • Bel Air
  • Pacific Palisades
  • And throughout the surrounding area

In home care can be crucial to helping seniors overcome loneliness. Just contact Visiting Angels Santa Monica to learn more about our services.

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