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Home Care Services in Charlotte

Home Care Services in Charlotte

Provider of home care services in Charlotte hugging elderly patient

Home care services can make a world of difference for older adults in Charlotte who wish to age in place. But if you’re thinking about home care for your mom or dad, you might be unsure whether now’s the right time to get started.

At Visiting Angels® Charlotte, this is among the most common questions we hear from potential clients. They know they’ll need home care services at some point in the future. They’re just not sure how soon this will be.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation? In that case, we recommend booking a free home care consultation. If you’re already seriously considering home care, there’s a good chance the time for these services is already here.

Does My Loved One Need Home Care Services?

Choosing to hire home care services for a loved one in Charlotte can be a big decision. But in certain situations, it’s a relatively easy decision to make.

The overwhelming majority of US seniors would prefer to age in place, remaining in the comfort of home for as long as possible. In many cases, this is only possible through home care. If your mom or dad has limited mobility or a chronic health condition that makes day-to-day activities difficult or dangerous, it’s likely they will need in-home care to age in place. Similarly, if your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, you’ll want to start planning for home care as early as possible.

In other situations, the decision to hire home care services is a little trickier. For example, let’s say your loved one is relatively healthy and independent. However, recently you’ve noticed they’re started to avoid routine tasks and activities? Usually, this is a sign that some type of caregiving is needed. Unfortunately, many families wait until their loved one is in crisis to hire a caregiver.

At Visiting Angels Charlotte, we suggest speaking with a home care provider in these situations. Even if your loved one doesn’t need advanced care, an occasional helping hand could make a world of difference. By starting with short, weekly visits, you can help them live more happily and comfortably at home. As your loved one’s care needs progress over time, it will be easy to gradually increase the frequency of care visits.

Caregiving in Charlotte, NC

Visiting Angels Charlotte is locally owned and operated, and we take pride in serving local seniors and families. We currently offer home care services to clients in:

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