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Dementia Care in Dudley

Dementia Care in Dudley

Provider of dementia care in Dudley hugging elderly patient

How To Help When They Say They Want To Go Home

At Visiting Angels┬« Southbridge, we provide the trusted dementia care Dudley area families need. We offer in-home help to keep local seniors living comfortably in the home they know and love. 

Dementia is a tough disorder that poses a variety of unique challenges. One side-effect, is that those afflicted have trouble properly communicating their needs. This creates a situation where they utilize the phrase "I want to go home," to mean many different things. Think of it as a general request for some form of comfort. They are either stressed, experiencing physical pain, or feeling some type of emotional distress. 

To help in these moments, you shouldn't argue or debate with them, but instead try to understand the emotions behind the request and maintain a calm demeanor. You can deflect the situation by agreeing to take them 'home' in a little while, or by engaging them in some other positive way. Maybe play their favorite music or ask them to tell a story about their home. Basically, your focus should be on calming them down and making them feel heard, without having to explain that they are already home.

Our Professional Dementia Care in Dudley

We provide the help and companionship your relative needs to remain at home and cope with their disorder in a more comfortable setting. The alternative would be to move them to assisted living or provide full-time support on your own, but neither of these are great options. The move to assisted care forces them to give up privacy, comfort and familiarity while dealing with a difficult adjustment. 

With our service, you can get full-time support to take over your care duties, or simply hire us part-time to give yourself a much needed breather. Our support includes:

  • Medication reminders and memory help
  • Bathing and grooming assistance
  • Fall prevention and mobility aid
  • Loving companionship and conversation
  • A very helpful respite for family caregivers
  • And more!

Dementia Care To Help The Whole Family

With our customized service, we are here to help you create the right support plan for your parent or relative. We will meet with you during our initial care consultation and discuss your exact needs, scheduling, and more. You'll have the chance to learn all about our service, and meet our chosen caregiver in advance. 

We offer dementia care in the following areas:

  • Dudley
  • Southbridge
  • Fiskdale
  • Hampden
  • Wales
  • Holland
  • Monson
  • Oxford
  • Palmer
  • Sturbridge
  • Sutton
  • Webster
  • And nearby areas

To learn more about our dementia care in Dudley and surrounding communities, contact Visiting Angels Southbridge today. 

Serving Communities in Sturbridge, MA; Dudley, MA; Oxford, MA; Southbridge, MA; Webster, MA and Surrounding Areas

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