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In Home Care in Southbridge

In Home Care in Southbridge

Provider of in home care in Southbridge hugging elderly patient

At our in home care agency, we provide all kinds of support services for seniors in the area. Most people think of senior care as help with tasks like bathing, housekeeping, and cooking. At Visiting Angels┬« Southbridge, we do all of that and more. We offer emotional support and companionship to our clients, helping to minimize moments of stress, anxiety, or discomfort. 

This year, loneliness has been a topic of concern for people of all ages. For seniors in particular, social isolation can activate other physical and mental concerns, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression. Our caregivers are attuned to the complex needs of the seniors we support. We help to reduce feelings of loneliness, isolation, or alienation. 

How We Can Reduce Loneliness For Seniors 

When it comes to living at home alone, seniors face all kinds of challenges. These challenges aren't just relegated to physical tasks. Loneliness is one of the most common concerns for American seniors of all ages. That's only been increased over the past year. 

For our clients, here are just a few ways we can help: 

  • Regular companionship and support. When we set up in home care, we make sure the same trusted professional always visits your loved one. That way, there's always a trusted companion on-hand. Our caregivers at Visiting Angels Southbridge bring warmth and compassion to the job, providing conversation and emotional support with every visit. 
  • Helping seniors find healthy outlets. Having healthy outlets, such as hobbies or other pursuits, can help to alleviate feelings of loneliness. In Southbridge, our caregivers can encourage seniors to take walks, garden, enjoy crosswords, or other cherished activities. We can even participate, such as accompanying clients on walks. 
  • Making it easier to get online. Going online isn't a substitute for real social contact, but it can relieve social isolation. We help seniors navigate technology, so they're able to reach out to loved ones, friends, and more. We know how fulfilling it is to spend time with those you care about, even virtually. 

Friendly, Reliable In Home Care in Southbridge 

If you think a family member is struggling with loneliness or social isolation, regular visits from a trusted in home care professional can make a tangible difference. With our agency, you can find a friendly, reliable caregiver in: 

  • Southbridge
  • Hampden
  • Oxford
  • Sutton
  • Webster
  • Fiskdale
  • Monson
  • Sturbridge
  • Wales
  • Dudley
  • Palmer
  • Holland
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Find out about how we provide comprehensive in home care to seniors in the community. Contact Visiting Angles Southbridge for more details. 

Serving Communities in Sturbridge, MA; Dudley, MA; Oxford, MA; Southbridge, MA; Webster, MA and Surrounding Areas

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