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24-Hour Home Care

Serving Sumter, Clarendon, Lee and Florence Counties

Visiting Angels SUMTER, SC
618 Bultman Dr #A
Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: 803-418-5441
Fax: 803-778-5971

24-Hour Home Care

Visiting Angels
Sumter, SC

If you are looking for compassionate, around-the-clock care, Visiting Angels of Sumter, SC is the solution for you. Our dedicated caregivers tailor their support to clients' unique needs, providing safety and comfort as well as independence and dignity, all with the comfort of their home. 24-hour care is one of the best options out there to provide a high level of care and meet your loved one's specific needs, without the need to move to a nursing home.

Our 24-Hour Home Care Services

​Our comprehensive services provide direct supervision 24/7, offering a much-needed break for family caregivers. We can help with personal care in the middle of the night, as well as handle more complex care for chronic conditions.

We offer the following services:

  • Help Getting Dressed
  • Hair Care
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Preventing Falls/Home Safety
  • A Break for Family Members
  • Mobility and Transferring
  • Light Cleaning and Tidying
  • Alzheimer's Care
  • Medication Reminders
  • Companion Care
  • Assistance with Everyday Tasks
  • Care Coordination
  • Personal Cleanliness
  • Parkinson's Care
  • Memory Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Toileting and Incontinence
  • Dementia Care

Sumter’s Care Community

In Sumter, we love partnering with our friends at Dorn VA Medical Center, Central Midlands Area Agency of Aging, Lexington Medical Center - Main Campus, and many others as we provide excellent home care services.

Benefits of a 24-Hour Home Care Option

​Visiting Angels of Sumter, SC offers 24-hour home care so that seniors can age in place, in the comfort of their home. Our services reduce the need to move to an assisted living facility, and can improve our client’s lives in many ways.

Quality of Life

Most people do better when they can stay home. Remaining in familiar surroundings reduces stress and anxiety; with less stress and more support, mental and emotional well-being improves. Consistent care means that physical health can improve as well.

Relationships and social engagement are also benefits from 24-hour home care. Our compassionate caregivers provide engaging companionship, and we can support a more satisfying social life. When family members are given a respite from continuous caregiving, families can focus less on providing care, and more on quality time.

The result? Less stress, more of what matters.

A Sense of Autonomy

​Many people feel like bringing on a caregiver will reduce their independence - this could not be further from the truth. Visiting Angels care providers are dedicated to facilitating self-direction and autonomy for our clients. By curating a safe and supportive atmosphere, providing mobility and memory support, and relieving the burden of day-to-day tasks, we set the scene for our clients to live as they wish, with dignity.

Rest for Family Caregivers

The entire family unit benefits from a 24-hour care service. Full-time care is a heavy burden for a family, and burnout becomes a significant hazard. When a family is balancing this type of care with other responsibilities such as careers and children, it's too much, and the family can begin to suffer in every area of life.

A professional caregiver from Visiting Angels can tackle tasks from disease management to meal preparation, allowing the family to restore balance to their lives and get some much-needed rest, while still providing a loved one with around the clock support and companionship.


Peace of mind is one of the best things about Visiting Angels care. When you know there is a home care provider present at all times, ready to help with both small needs and emergencies, everyone sleeps a little better at night.

When Is It Time for 24-Hour Care?

Most people wait too long, rather than getting help too early. It's wise to know the signs that tell you a higher level of care is needed:

​Day to Day Overwhelm

If everyday basic tasks have become too much to handle, it's time to get some help. Our comprehensive services offer necessary support for all daily activities. We can also help create and follow a care plan that will ensure that no essential daily tasks are being overlooked.

Family Caregiver Burnout

If family members are overextending themselves to care for their loved ones, they are at risk for burnout and negative consequences in all areas of life - physical and mental health, career, family, relationships. 24/7 caretaking is extremely taxing; if the caregiver is juggling other needs and responsibilities, they can become exhausted and unable to cope very quickly. This is a strong sign that 24-hour care is a good option.

Impaired Cognition

If memory problems, wandering, sundowning, and other signs of cognitive decline are present, 24-hour attendance is crucial for safety. These kinds of impairments are caused by Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, and other problems that affect brain function. Leaving an individual unattended at any time, and especially at night, with these conditions, is not recommended.

Mobility Concerns

Parkinson's Disease, M.S., strokes, and other injuries and illnesses can cause significant mobility impairment. If it's difficult to move around the house or perform basic self-care tasks, 24-hour care can fill that gap to ensure that all needs are being met and we are maintaining comfort and dignity. In addition, mobility challenges create a fall risk, which requires constant oversight.

Contact Visiting Angels of Sumter, SC

Give us a call today at (803) 418-5441; our office is here to answer your questions and schedule you for a FREE consultation, where we can work together to create a comprehensive care plan that meets your needs and honors your preferences.

Customer Review

The Visiting Angels crew were heaven sent. They helped us through over 4 years of taking care of my mother, my most precious human on the planet. The Angels were kind and caring, and as time went by they became family. The office staff were understanding and helpful. During this extended period of time , it wasn’t always easy, but we always managed to work things out. A credit to Derrick and his staff If we ever had to go through this again, I would want the Angels by my side.


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Serving Sumter, Clarendon, Lee and Florence Counties

Visiting Angels SUMTER, SC
618 Bultman Dr #A
Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: 803-418-5441
Fax: 803-778-5971