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Senior Care in Tuttle

Senior Care in Tuttle

provider of senior care in Tuttle looking at photo on mobile phone with elderly patient

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

At Visiting Angels® Southwest Oklahoma City, our professional service is all about providing safer home lives for local seniors. With our senior care in Tuttle, we deliver in-home assistance, positive companionship, and some valuable tips for home safety adjustments. To get started on building a safer home life for your loved one, here are some of our top tips for reducing fall hazards around the home. 

With declining mobility, balance, and vision, many seniors are at risk of dangerous falls. These accidents can happen during seemingly simple daily tasks, so it's vital to be proactive and reduce risk around the home. Your goal should be to maintain proper lighting, create easy access to daily items, and reduce clutter throughout the residence.

You can reduce clutter in the bedroom and living room by getting rid of any excess furniture. Also, by going through their belongings and getting rid of stuff they do not need, you can eliminate potential tripping hazards.

The bathroom is an area with a huge potential for dangerous falls, so it's crucial to make adjustments here. Grab bars installed near the toilet and in the bath or shower can make a huge difference. This simple addition can give them more stability as they step onto wet surfaces and lower themselves onto the toilet. Also, non-slip mats are a must in every bathroom.

Our Senior Care Options in Tuttle

If you follow the tips we've outlined above, you can reduce fall hazards in the home. To create the most comfortable and safe living space, most seniors require a little more support. Our in-home senior care will provide them with attentive and loving assistance from a qualified home care professional. We help with bathing and grooming needs, memory assistance, meal preparation, errands, light housework, and more to simplify their home life and keep them out of a care facility. 

The advantages of our support include:

  • Customized service built around their needs
  • Improved home safety, comfort, and independence
  • A source of stress relief for family care providers
  • Friendly companionship for a more positive living situation
  • Flexible scheduling, specialized Alzheimer's care, 24/7 support, and more!

Compassionate Senior Care in Your Community

We offer our in-home care throughout:

  • Tuttle
  • Oklahoma City
  • Norman
  • Moore
  • Mustang
  • Blanchard
  • and the surrounding areas

Even though we are not technically a home health agency, we offer many of the same services. Our professional senior care helps Tuttle area seniors live with comfort, dignity, and confidence in their own homes. To learn more, contact Visiting Angels Oklahoma City and schedule your initial care consultation today. 

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