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In Case of Emergency Safety Campaign Aims to Keep Elderly Safe in Cold

March 04, 2014
As cold temperatures blanket our area, a growing number ofseniors may wind up in trouble, stuck in life threatening situations. They mayslip and fall, their car might break down, and they may get lost, confused, orstranded – literally left out in the cold. That’s why Visiting Angels haslaunched our ICE a Cell Phone Safety Campaignto help seniors in case of emergency. To ICE a cell phone, you loademergency contacts in seniors’ phones with the word ICE in front of theemergency contacts’ names, so when someone finds a senior in trouble they knowwho to call In Case of Emergency. Visiting Angels hopes this will become auniversal emergency plan – a quick way for emergency responders to pick up asenior’s cell phone, and press the letter ‘I’ to find seniors’ emergencycontacts.

“We urge families to ICE seniors’ phones, or come by ouroffices and we will ICE seniors’ phones for free,” says Larry Meigs, CEO ofVisiting Angels. “We care for thousands of older Americans, and we constantlyhear stories about how families need an emergency plan for seniors. One familytold us their elderly loved one with dementia roamed five miles from home. Whenpolice tried to help they had no clue who to call. ICE contacts help respondersknow who to call in emergencies in this cold or at any time ofyear.” 

How to ICE Seniors’ Cell Phones:
  • Under ‘I’ in the cell phone contact list, load the In Case of Emergency contact names, beginning with the word ICE
    (ie: ICE_Heather).
  • Make sure the emergency contact(s) agree to be an ICE partner.
  • Include every phone number (home/cell/work) of the ICE partner.
  • ICE partners should know the seniors’ medical conditions, doctors’ names and medications they’re taking.
  • An ICE sticker can save a life. Place a Visiting Angels’ ICE Loaded sticker on seniors’ cell phones, so if someone finds a senior in trouble they know who to call in an emergency.
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