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Visiting Angels Home Care Reviews & Testimonials

Serving Greater Charleston, WV Including the Counties Kanawha, Cabell,and Putnam

Visiting Angels CHARLESTON, WV
507 1st Ave
S Charleston, WV 25303
Phone: 304-400-4946
Fax: 304-277-3190

Visiting Angels Home Care Reviews & Testimonials

The reviews and testimonials about Visiting Angels are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible home care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their home care reviews and share some of them with the public. Here is just a small sample of some of the reviews we've gotten for Visiting Angels.


"April 2017 We cannot thank you enough for your help and reliability these last several years. You made my mom's life better and you relieved some or our stress. Thanks again. "

- Michele G.


"May 2017 - I would tell people that Visiting Angels has nice, caring, qualified people who are willing to do what I need. They are flexible and have been wonderful when working with me. "

- Garnet M.


"May 2017- The office staff from Visiting Angels always comes out to introduce new caregivers, and they answer any questions that I have."

- James S.


"June 2017 - Visiting Angels was a very good company. They were so efficient and got to my home on time. "

- Harold S.


"Thanks again for all your help and time and patience. You are a rarity in this field!"

- Val E.


"August 2017 Thanks so much to "Visiting Angels" for providing a wonderful caregiver for Marian for a few extra days last week while she recovered from receiving a Pacemaker. We appreciate your services and amazing caregivers!"

- Nancy W.


"September 30, 2017 -I cannot begin to thank you enough for serving and loving my mother so faithfully over the last three years. I never dreamed that Mother would have actual angels to help her---and to transform her life!!! YOU always went way beyond "the job" and supplied her every need!! Beyond that, your patience, humor, and unconditional love "ushered her into the Kingdom"..."

- Lenore S.


"January 2018 -Our caregivers are dependable, fair in their work, respectful to me, and kind to my wife. "

- Jack J.


"The caregiver talks with my mother about her life, plays games with her, and encourages her to keep going. This makes a big difference to her. The caregivers make her laugh and bring things over that she is interested in. They will also make little decorations for her room. "

- Sandra P.


"March 2018- Grace, your time with us was priceless! We can't thank your enough for the care and compassion you showed us. "

- Wayne and Carla E.


"March 28, 2018 Dear Visiting Angels One and All, We cannot express enough gratitude to all of you for the important work you do on the behalf of elderly loved ones everywhere. You were consistently there for us, adapting to our ever changing needs at a moment's notice. I honestly don't know how we would have managed without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "

- Faith W.


"May 2018 Mom is so happy with her caregiver and Visiting Angels services. Cannot thank you enough for this peace of mind. "

- Diana O.


"July 2018- Our caregiver, Carla, is fabulous! She is a godsend. There are not enough words to describe how we feel about her. Visiting Angels has gone above expectations. Just phenomenal!"

- Carol R.


"November 2018 -Our three angels are truly angels!! Grace, Autumn and Allyson treat my husband like family. We are very thankful for Visiting Angels."

- Carla E.


"I love working here. It’s truly the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Every day I go into work knowing we are helping make peoples’ lives better. Our Director/ Owner is 100% involved. She truly cares about the clients and the staff. The well being and happiness of our clients and staff is priority. The caregivers become like family to the clients. I feel blessed to work here."

- Ginny E.


"September 2018 - The people at Visiting Angels are awesome! What I like the most is that they always are there for me even when I give them a moments notice they have a caregiver for my Dad. This eases my burden, knowing I can count on them every time. Thank you Visiting Angels!"

- Laura M.


"January 2019 - Julie, I cannot thank you enough for the care that Faye provided for my mother. She is a true angel and provided care, companionship and friendship to all of my family, even our puppies. We will always be grateful. "

- Nancy E.


"January 2019- I like that the caregivers are professional and punctual. They are always on time and do what they are supposed to do. I love the way they interact with my mom and they are sweet to her. That means the everything to me. "

- Carol A.


"February 2019 I like how thorough they are and how much they care for their clients and caregivers. "

- Jasmine R.


"February 2019 ; Once I called them in the middle of the night because I was in a horrible situation, and I didn't know what to do. I talkedto a real person, and a nurse called me back in 15 minutes. Then a person was in my home at 3:30 a.m. and an in service set up by that day. "

- Geraldine R.


"July 29, 2019 -There is not a thing Visiting Angels could do to improve. They are doing everything! I was with another agency before and Visiting Angels does everything that they didn't do."

- Suzanne E.


"July 15, 2019 - I have recommended Visiting Angels to others. When I called them the first time, they sent someone over and it went smooth. The agency fitted perfectly, which was great with my mom. It took all of the pressure off of me to care for my mom. "

- Roger K.


"July 25, 2019 - Visiting Angels have reliable well-trained employees. They're dependable because we know that someone is going to be here and show up on time to take care of my loved one. If there is an emergency or something comes up with the caregiver, they have a backup to send out. "

- Tammy H.


"November 2019 -I would be lost without Visiting Angels. Since I have had them in daily, my blood pressure is down to normal and I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders!"

- Gwen C.


"December 2019- I would recommend them because of the way they take care of the people. They are very caring."

- Richard C.


"December 2019- I like the consistency of the people that come. The manager is really on the ball, and she showed up when she was supposed to and explained everything thoroughly."

- Betty F.


"December 2019 - I like everything. I love the office. I absolutely love them. They are friendly, they care about me, and they care about the clients. They are awesome."

- Rita A., Caregiver


"January 2020- I'm extremely happy with them. I specifically like the attention to the clients and the employees. They are outstanding at sending out an email or text to let us know how we are doing. They are very awesome and attentive. They do a great job with the training. They take the time to make sure you know it on an individual basis. They consider a number of things, like experience and how well you get along with each other. If there is a problem, they will help you work it out."

- Caregiver Shawn W.

Serving Greater Charleston, WV Including the Counties Kanawha, Cabell,and Putnam

Visiting Angels CHARLESTON, WV
507 1st Ave
S Charleston, WV 25303
Phone: 304-400-4946
Fax: 304-277-3190

Serving Greater Charleston, WV Including the Counties Kanawha, Cabell,and Putnam

Visiting Angels CHARLESTON, WV
507 1st Ave
S Charleston, WV 25303
Phone: 304-400-4946
Fax: 304-277-3190