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10 Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care

When a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic health condition or a physical or emotional limitation, they will more often than not require assistance from a 24-hour care provider. This kind of care can be difficult for families to provide and sustain; family members may not feel comfortable moving their loved ones into a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

When this happens, there are benefits of 24 hour home care. With a care professional providing care day or night, your loved one can remain in the comfort of their own home.

Why Choose 24-Hour Home Care?

There are multiple ways that life can become difficult for seniors, such as poor eyesight, mobility problems, memory issues, and any deteriorating health issues. Visiting Angels offer highly skilled caregivers that provide safe support and companionship while assisting with day-to-day tasks around the home. 

Here are ten benefits of 24-hour home care:

  1. Independence
    You should not be concerned about 24 home hour caretaking away your senior's independence. With a caregiver around, your loved ones will have the stability to help them remain confident while living on their own.
  2. Personalized Care
    With a one-on-one support system, your loved one will have access to a high level of personal care. They will have their meals, activities, and other requests tailed made to fit their preferences.
  3. Lifestyle maintenance
    When seniors move into care facilities, many things will change-- such as their surroundings, the people, and programs. These transitions can be overwhelming and upsetting. The benefits of 24-hour care leave seniors in their own homes while receiving care, letting them remain where they feel most comfortable. 
  4. Safety
    Highly trained individuals provide professional Care from Visiting angels. They are skilled in identifying fall risks as well as any other potential household hazards for seniors. Our caregivers act as the eyes and ears for family members of clients. 
  5. Affordability
    In comparison to Visiting Angels, nursing homes and other care facilities for seniors can become very expensive. Visiting Angels offers reliable, affordable home care services. This is a benefit of 24 hour home care.
  6. Companionship
    Alongside physical assistance, clients also benefit from 24-hour care companionship; a caregiver can be available for emotional support and one-to-one companion care. Our caregivers aid their clients with their friendship, helping to prevent loneliness.
  7. Friends and family support
    In nursing homes and care facilities, seniors cannot have friends and family come by whenever they please. Seniors have the benefits of 24-hour care that allows them to entertain on their own time and schedule.
  8. Transportation assistance
    When needed, a caregiver can assist with day-to-day transportation to and from doctor appointments, grocery store visits, and other out-of-home activities. It is expected that family members cannot always be there to help with these excursions. Still, with Visiting Angels, you can take comfort in knowing that our caregivers can assist with safe transportation.  
  9. Respite for the family caregiver
    It is common for family care providers to become overwhelmed while supporting a loved one, which is why many benefit from respite care. With a 24-hour caregiver present, family members can take a break from their caregiving duties and focus on themselves and their needs. While family caretakers are stepping away, they can rest assured their loved one is in capable hands. 
  10. Assistance with chores
    The everyday chores around the home may become too difficult for your loved one on their own. If this is the case, they may want to use the benefits of 24-hour care; a caregiver can assist in completing these chores while also keeping the home tidy. 

Home Assessments for 24-Hour Home Care

Visiting Angels start all clients with a home care assessment. During this meeting, we will discuss needs and expectations from the client and their family members; we use this information to determine best how we can provide benefits of 24-hour care. We use our Select Your Caregiver® program to allow clients and families the opportunity to choose their caregiver from our long list of qualified providers. With our in-depth assessments, you can easily find and select the perfect caregiver.

If you are looking for the benefits of 24-hour care, Visiting Angels are your agency. We are a team of compassionate and passionate individuals who have made it their life's work to keep local seniors safe and healthy. Take the first step to learn more through a home care assessment.


Serving Pendleton, Muncie, Anderson, Greenfield, McCordsville, Fortville, IN and Surrounding Communities

110 E Hartman Rd
Anderson, IN 46012
Phone: 765-703-4194
Fax: 765-778-6969

Serving Pendleton, Muncie, Anderson, Greenfield, McCordsville, Fortville, IN and Surrounding Communities

110 E Hartman Rd
Anderson, IN 46012
Phone: 765-703-4194
Fax: 765-778-6969