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Elderly Assistance in Bellevue and Why They May Refuse Help

Provider of elderly assistance in Bellevue with senior patient

As your relatives get on in age, you may begin to notice them struggling with aspects of everyday life. It may begin in small, subtle ways, like a decline in their personal grooming habits or withdrawal from favorite past times. It may also appear in bigger ways, like with memory loss or significant disabilities. Whatever the case may be, elderly assistance from Visiting Angels® Eastside can help to ensure that your loved one has the care they need to remain safely in their Bellevue area home.

But what if they don't want elderly assistance? Many seniors refuse help when it's offered, thinking they might lose their independence if they allow a caregiver into their home in Bellevue. So how can you talk to your loved one about accepting assistance? 

How to Talk to Your Relative About Elderly Assistance in Bellevue

Bringing up the topic of elderly assistance to a stubborn Bellevue area relative may not be easy, but it's an important first step on the journey to helping them get better care. Here are some tips for how to have that first conversation with your loved one about home care

Set the Tone -  Frame your argument compassionately. It's important to make sure that your loved one doesn't feel as if they're being scolded or lectured, or else they may be more inclined to push back. 

Hear Them Out - Your loved one should feel as though you understand their fears and concerns. By addressing these issues, you can make it easier for them to accept help when it's offered.  

Keep Your Cool - It's easy to get worked-up when met with resistance, especially when it seems unreasonable. Remember that it may take more than one conversation for your loved one to warm-up to the idea of assistance in Bellevue. 

Your Elderly Assistance Allies in Bellevue

Visiting Angels Eastside is proud to be a trusted name in home care across the communities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Sammamish, Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore, and Medina. We often start by you learning about how elderly assistance might benefit your loved ones in Bellevue through a cost-free, in-home consultation. Then, if you're ready, we can begin to build a plan that meets their unique needs. 

For more information about your elderly assistance options in Bellevue call Visiting Angels Eastside today and book a free, in-home consultation. 

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