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How Elder Care in Bellevue Transitions Seniors From Hospital To Home

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For seniors returning home from the hospital, the 30 days after discharge are an important period. This is a time when seniors are still in a recovery period, and are still susceptible to hospital readmission. Visiting Angels® Kirkland is an elder care provider for families in Bellevue, West Seattle, Burien, and Des Moines. As experts in the field, we know what families often don't realize: 24/7 care is a must in this critical period.

3 Common Risks For Seniors Transitioning From Hospital to Home

For Bellevue seniors returning home, 24/7 elder care can help reduce these common risks:

  • Injury. Unfortunately, seniors are at greater risk of injury from falls or other mobility issues after a hospital discharge. It's important to evaluate their homes prior to discharge and remove mobility hazards or obstacles.   
  • Medication. Often, seniors returning home from the hospital will still require a regimen of medicines. But improper administration of these medicines can lead to serious issues. Make sure your loved one's doctors and nurses have properly explained dosage, schedule of medication, and correct administration to you and your family. 
  • Exertion. Unfortunately, after a hospital visit, seniors are often in weaker condition than when they entered the hospital. Having 24/7 support, especially in the first thirty days after discharge, is critical to reducing the risk of over-exertion. 

How Elder Care in Bellevue Can Reduce the Risk of Re-Admission

The reality is, 24/7 care and monitoring isn't always practical for some families. But it is vital to reducing the risk of re-admission for seniors. One solution for Bellevue area families is to use elder care services. For example, Visiting Angels Kirkland offers our Ready-Set-Go Home program specifically for seniors returning home from the hospital. This program has a three-tiered approach to reducing risks: 

  • At the hospital. Discharge planning can help your family reduce risks and get all the information you need. Before discharge, we can visit your loved one in the hospital, provide support for your family, and help you through the discharge process.
  • In the home. Once your loved one is discharged, our caregivers can provide 24/7 non-medical care, or adaptive, flexible care depending on your needs. We can help ensure that your loved one is able to follow post-discharge procedures and get on the road to recovery.
  • From the office. Our local Bellevue office will work behind-the-scenes to manage elder care. We can adjust your loved one's schedule of care, send appointment reminders, and help you coordinate deliveries of medication, equipment, or food. 

Together, we can reduce your loved one's risks of hospital re-admission. To set up elder care in Bellevue, call Visiting Angels Kirkland today.

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