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Finding the Brighter Side of Elderly Care

Last updated on February 15, 2022

When families investigate elderly care for a loved one, it is often stressful and can leave adult children fearful for their parent’s future. Families often assume their loved one’s need for assistance will cause a decline in quality of life.

But in reality, a decline in quality of life is far from a sure thing. Home care often improves the quality of life for seniors, providing them with some of the best years of their lives. This should be welcome news to anyone who’s thinking of hiring elderly care for a member of their family.

Every caregiving situation is unique. Here are some ways elderly care can not only maintain quality of life but substantially improve it and brighten lives. 

Small Changes, Big Impacts

Many people understand the impact small lifestyle changes can have on seniors’ health. But in many cases, small changes made possible by in-home care can have a transformative impact on seniors’ wellness.

A big reason for this is how interconnected our health can be. When you make a small change in one area, the improvement can set off a chain reaction. For example, seniors who get better sleep tend to have better moods, more energy, and fewer cravings for unhealthy foods. This improves quality of life by itself. But if you feel happier, exercise more, and eat a balanced diet, you’ll enjoy a host of additional health benefits.

A professional in-home caregiver can reinforce these improvements. In many ways, a caregiver acts as a wellness coach, encouraging seniors to take care of themselves when they need a small nudge or a helping hand. As a result, many seniors who receive elderly care see a noticeable improvement in health and well-being in the months after starting in-home care.

Social Interactions and Enrichment

One of the most underestimated risks to elderly adults is social isolation from aging. Many elderly adults feel isolated at home because of their decreased strength, coordination, vision and hearing. These impairments make it difficult for them to visit family and friends.

This has a severe and understandable impact on emotional health. Moreover, it dramatically reduces physical wellness. In fact, researchers have found that social isolation reduces life expectancy more severely than smoking or obesity.

Elderly care can brighten seniors’ lives in two important ways by:

  • Providing seniors with regular social interaction at home.
  • Helping seniors reclaim their independence, making trips to see friends and family or simply venturing out into the community

New Activities and Favorite Pastimes

Age-related physical and cognitive challenges can keep seniors from living the way they want and doing the things they enjoy. Without assistance, they can become closed off to new experiences or favorite hobbies, narrowing the scope of their day-to-day lives.

Elderly care services can change this by providing seniors with a pastime or helping hand with these activities. Caregivers can introduce seniors to new technologies, activities, and interests, providing them with the stimulation that many seniors lack.

Caregivers can make favorite activities and hobbies possible again. Whether lending a hand with baking, helping out in the garden, or giving a lifelong card shark the benefit of a new playing partner, elderly care can help seniors do the things they love.

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