Knowing When Your Loved One Needs Care

Considering whether a loved one needs home care can be mentally taxing and emotionally draining and should take a wide range of factors into account.

While some of the following warning signs might be common sense, considering and weighing each one accordingly is an important step towards making a potentially difficult decision.

  • Whenever a loved one poses a threat to his or her own well-being, seek immediate care options.
  • A recent hospital discharge can make it difficult for a loved one to undertake his or her usual daily routine.
  • Physical limitations in general can hinder daily activities.
  • Loved ones of any age might be in need of homecare if they are undergoing rehabilitation.
  • Memory lapses can impede daily functions and can even put loved ones in danger.
  • If loved ones are having trouble preparing their own meals, homecare should be considered.
  • Loved ones that cannot maintain their lifestyles independently might be in need of assistance.
  • If a loved one cannot make it through the night unattended, caregiver assistance is necessary.
  • Loved ones that overburden your personal schedule are most likely in need of full-time care.
  • When you’ve exhausted your own caregiving efforts, it might be time to seek a professional caregiver.
p>Once you’ve taken these warning signs into consideration, you may consider discussing the option of homecare with your loved ones. These conversations are not always easy but they can be very helpful in order to determine the best options to get your loved one the care they need.


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