Dementia Care Southlake, TX

Dementia Care
More than 5 million Americans are currently living with dementia, which means if your loved one is experiencing memory issues, you are not alone. It can be scary for a loved one to confidently leave a senior with memory loss at home alone, especially as the disease progresses. Fortunately, dementia care services in Southlake homes that are provided by the experienced team at Visiting Angels Southlake are personalized to each client’s situation, diagnosis, and strengths. Our team is not only well trained in dementia care best practices, we have also equipped them with state of the art technology that assures our clients are receiving the very best home care in our area.

Experienced and Compassionate Caregivers
The difference in our dementia care services begins with our staff. We know that seniors living with dementia are each unique, with their own strengths and challenges. We also know that those attributes can change quickly. We aim to find caregivers in the Southlake area who can demonstrate certain innate characteristics that will support our goal of personalized care.

Each caregiver is hand selected for their flexibility, patience, compassion, and dedication to relationship building. Without our caregivers, our agency would be unable to provide services that seniors respond to and that families love.

Once we hire the best caregivers, we offer training focused on positive dementia approaches. From using positive touch to engaging activities, deescalating frustrating situations to calming anxious seniors, our caregivers are equipped to meet your loved one where they are at emotionally, physically and cognitively.

Technology that Supports Everyone
We are dedicated to providing the best dementia care in the Southlake area. That commitment drove us to research the best dementia care tools on the market. For the past few years, Visiting Angels Southlake has worked to become an authorized AlzBetter provider. The AlzBetter program and app brings dementia best practices into the hands of our caregivers and staff, giving your loved one even better care.

This modern approach to dementia care allows our caregivers to receive reliable information about the disease, and realistic skills to build relationships with clients living with dementia in a home environment. This partnership with AlzBetter has empowered our caregivers and allowed us to foster an even better relationship with our clients.

Our Personalized Approach Difference
Beyond our staff and our technology, our dementia care services are rooted in our dedication to providing personalized care. Each of our clients has a plan that includes unique approaches, schedules, and care. Our staff, led by our Client Care Coordinators, works with family members to determine the history and preferences of the client to build the best plan possible. Personalized care means better care, especially when it comes to dementia.

At Visiting Angels, we wholeheartedly support one-on-one care. With a memory care facility, the most you can expect is that they provide safety for your loved one. With dementia care at home, you benefit from activities adapted to each individual along with one-on-one care, creating a higher quality of life than a facility can provide.

Call us today to tell us more about your aging loved one and how we can best support you and your family.

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