How Our Home Care Workers Are Helping Seniors in Stockton, CA and Surrounding Areas Adjust to the “New Normal” During COVID-19

Our home care workers can provide guidance on how to help elderly parents and relatives adjust to health and safety precautions during COVID-19, as well as provide in-home senior care in Stockton, Morada, Traci, Lodi and surrounding areas in San Joaquin County, CA

As an “Essential Healthcare Support Business” our team has continued to work with our clients and caregivers throughout this unprecedented time, allowing us to continue providing our much-needed care to those who need additional assistance and wish to stay in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

To do this, we ha put several additional safety measures into place, which we will continue to implement to ensure the well-being of all of our clients and staff.

Procedures & Safety Protocol

We're taking steps to ensure the safety of both our clients and our caregivers during this time. Find out more about our Protection Plan and how your loved one can safely receive essential care in the comfort of home.

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Helping Your Senior Loved One Stay Safe

Everyone has had to make changes in their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and seniors are no exception. While the spread of COVID-19 seems to be slowing down in a few places in the United States, public health experts still suggest that we should all take preventative measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Preventative measures can include going to the store only when necessary, social distancing, wearing masks, as well as using technology to communicate. However, these precautions could be upsetting or confusing to your elderly loved one, especially if they suffer from some form of dementia or memory impairment.

At Visiting Angels Stockton, our home care workers are here to help you care for your loved one and offer in-home senior care services during this difficult time.

Provide an Explanation

If your loved one suffers from a form of dementia, you may need to consistently remind them why they need to wear a mask or socially distance. Some seniors might be confused about why people are wearing masks or why they can’t go see the people they care about. It doesn’t help that masks make it harder to recognize people. In tough situations like this, it is important to calmly explain to your loved one why all of this is happening. Remind them that their well-being is your first priority.

You may also use other strategies to help your loved one, such as making hand-washing into a game to help ease their confusion.

Be Truthful Without Causing Unnecessary Panic

To keep your loved one safe, you must be honest with them about the dangers of COVID-19. They must know the risks, especially if they have a health condition that could make them more susceptible to contracting the virus, such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, or heart disease.

As you explain, be prepared for your loved one to voice anxieties or concerns. This is normal. However, it is not helpful to cause unnecessary panic. When talking to your loved one about this subject, keep yourself calm, talk normally, and remind them that you will take whatever steps are necessary to keep them safe.

Get Ready to Go Out

Eventually, your loved one will need to leave the house to go grocery shopping or go to a doctor’s appointment. You may want to tell them what they will see or what they will have to do in certain situations to prepare them.

If your loved one needs to go to the doctor, tell your loved one that they will have to wear a face mask. Explain that everyone will be wearing masks, and that they might have to have their temperature taken among other things. They may also have to call the doctor’s office from the parking lot to check-in.

Staying Connected

Helping your loved one stay connected to the people they care about is very important. Seniors have a harder time staying in contact with friends and family in general, and with the pandemic, things have gotten even more difficult. If friends and family want to visit your loved one, make sure to consider your loved one’s risk factors, and how quickly COVID-19 is spreading in San Joaquin County. If you and your loved one are comfortable, allow visitors but enforce social distancing and other safe practices. You can also teach your loved one to use technology like Facetime, Facebook and texting to communicate with the people they care about.

How Visiting Angels Stockton Can Help

If you can’t be there for your loved one all the time, having a home care worker around can help your loved one adapt to the new normal. Our home care workers will work to protect your loved one from the COVID-19 virus, watch for symptoms, run errands while your loved one stays at home and assist with transportation. In addition, our home care workers can also help your loved one socially distance, help teach your loved one to use technology to communicate through our Social Care program and keep your loved one on a comfortable daily routine.

At Visiting Angels Stockton, our home care workers truly care about your loved one’s health and safety. If you are worried about your loved one during this difficult time, contact our agency today at 209-208-4132 and ask how our home care workers can help you.

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