Transitional Care in Georgetown Helps Avoid Hospital Readmissions

Ready-Set-Go Home with Transitional Care 

For seniors in Georgetown and across the U.S., there is nothing worse than having to endure a long hospital stay. Besides the interruption hospitalization causes to a senior's daily life, visits to the hospital are also costly and stressful. Once seniors are released and can finally return home, the last thing anyone wants to do is have to be readmitted. However, to stay in the comfort of their home, most seniors need extra support and supervision. That's why Visiting Angels® Georgetown offers our Ready-Set-Go Home transitional care program that provides the skilled care and resources seniors need to avoid hospital readmission. 

If your relative is on their way home from the hospital, you probably have a lot of concerns. Will they remember to take their medications on time? Will they remember to follow-through with doctor-recommended aftercare instructions? Who will tend to their needs if they are feeling tired or weak? Will they report their symptoms?

A lack of support in any of these areas can easily lead to readmission for a vulnerable senior. In fact for the 2.6 million seniors who are readmitted within 30 days of release, it does. That's why Visiting Angels Georgetown is committed to providing top-quality transitional care to help keep seniors in the comfort of their own homes. 

How Transitional Care Can Help 

At Visiting Angels Georgetown, we know that transitioning home from the hospital can be tough on the whole family. That's why our approach to transitional care starts while your loved one is still in the hospital. Our Ready-Set-Go home guidebook helps to prepare your loved one for discharge by prompting them to think about and ask important questions about their care. Our administrative team and caregivers can also coordinate directly with hospital staff to ensure that when your relative gets home, the support they need will be there waiting for them. 

Georgetown's Transitional Care Professionals

Exceptional post-hospitalization support and transitional care can mean the difference between a senior on the mend and readmission to the hospital. We are proud to provide that support to families in Georgetown, Austin, Andice, Briarcliff, Cedar Park, and the surrounding communities.

To learn more about how our Ready-Set-Go Home transitional care program can benefit your loved one, call Visiting Angels Georgetown and book your free consultation today. 

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