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Home Care Services in Springfield

Home Care Services in Springfield

Provider of home care services in Springfield hugging elderly patient

For many families, it's hard to know what to expect with home care services versus nursing home care in Springfield. You're just trying to decide what makes sense for your loved one and your situation: so what do you choose? 

At Visiting Angels┬« Eugene, we can offer guidance as you're making these crucial decisions. The day-to-day aspects of living in a retirement facility can be tremendously different from the benefits of in-home care and support. Let's take a more in-depth look. 

What To Expect With Home Care Services in Springfield

Many people gravitate towards different options when it comes to home care services or a nursing home. That may depend on factors like budget, your loved one's needs, and their particular preferences. For seniors in Springfield, here's what to expect with our agency: 

  • One-on-one care and attention. One of the biggest benefits of in-home care is knowing your loved one is always the priority. Unlike a retirement facility, where there are typically many other residents to attend to, your family member can always expect one-on-one support from a caregiver. Just as important, the same caregiver will always administer support services, for greater continuity and higher-quality care. 
  • An environment which encourages independence. Most seniors have cherished memories and activities associated with their homes. Going to a nursing home, then, can be a blow to a senior's sense of independence. With home care, they can remain in a cherished environment near friends, family, or favorite neighborhood spots. We make it easier for your family member to continue the same activities they've always enjoyed.
  • A flexible approach to care. Everyone's needs change over time, which is why we've always prioritized a flexible approach to care. Life can be unexpected, whether your loved one has recently spent time in the hospital or they require more advanced support. Whatever the case is, we can quickly and easily update care services. We always provide adaptive support calibrated to each client's needs. 

Helping Your Loved One Thrive At Home 

With Visiting Angels Eugene, it's easy to set up home care services customized to your loved one. We offer in-depth consultations, where our care team will review your options, answer any questions, and help you set up quality care in: 

  • Springfield
  • Eugene
  • Pleasant Hill
  • And throughout the surrounding communities 

Find out how we offer a higher standard for home care services in Springfield. Get in touch with Visiting Angels Eugene for more information. 

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