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Home Care in Bloomfield

Home Care in Bloomfield

As much as you want to help your elderly relatives, caregiving can be daunting to tackle without help. At Visiting Angels® Farmington, we are a locally owned and operated home care agency offering compassionate care throughout the Bloomfield area.

Our friendly and dedicated caregivers work with families across Bloomfield, Aztec, Kirtland, and Farmington. Over the years, our team has earned a reputation for reliability, compassion, and top quality home care.

At Visiting Angels Farmington, we understand what a sensitive time this can be for your family, so we'll do all we can to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We hold our caregivers to the highest standards. Each member of our team has also cleared a background check, drug testing, and driving record screenings.

About Our Comprehensive Home Care in Bloomfield

Whether your loved one needs daily support or a friendly face to check in throughout the week, our caregivers are here to help. We provide flexible scheduling options that include weekends, nights, and holidays. We also have a "subscription plan" that allows a pop in visit once a week, for those only needing a well check.

We offer a wide selection of services that we can customize for your loved one. These services include:

  • Planning and preparing their meals
  • Helping them bathe and get dressed
  • Picking up their groceries and running other errands
  • Keeping them engaged with conversation and company
  • Reminding them to take their medications
  • Providing coverage for their family caregiver
  • Supporting them physically as they walk
  • Performing some light housework

How We Personalize Our Home Care Services in Bloomfield

To provide the best possible care for your relative — and the most relief for your family — we'll go through the following steps:

  • Discussing your loved one's general situation, the assistance we can offer, and what the overall costs look like.
  • Conducting an in-depth consultation (at no cost) to learn all about your loved one's preferences, personality, care needs, and family support.
  • Determining the right services and schedule to address your loved one's care needs and enrich their life overall.
  • Selecting a caregiver whose abilities, personality, and availability are a good fit for your family.
  • Monitoring your loved one's care and maintaining a clear line of contact with your family, so we can make any adjustments and address any concerns.

What is Companion Care?

It's natural for our social circles to get smaller as the years go by. Unfortunately, social isolation can put seniors at risk for depression, anxiety, and other negative health outcomes. It can also take a toll on their quality of life.

For that reason, we offer companion care as part of our home care services for seniors in the Bloomfield area. Our friendly caregivers can keep your loved one company, talk about what interests them, and arrange exciting outings as well.

What is Respite Care?

As difficult as it can be for family caregivers to ask for help, you have to think of your well-being too. Our home care in Bloomfield includes respite care to give family caregivers the break they need and deserve. Our care team will make sure your loved one has everything they need so you can take a breath, rest, and reconnect with other areas of your life.

What is Personal Care?

Do you wish you could be there to help dad with the groceries? Or worry that your mom might slip as she gets out of the bath? Our caregivers can help out with all these day-to-day tasks to help your parents live more comfortably and to put your mind at ease.

Our personal care assistance can include any or all of the following:

  • Helping with bathing and dressing
  • Giving reminders for medications
  • Getting groceries and preparing meals
  • Running errands
  • Doing light housework
  • Providing a steadying hand when walking

About Our Alzheimer's Care and Dementia Care

Routine and familiarity can be a real comfort for seniors with cognitive decline. Unfortunately, their symptoms can make aging in place seem risky if not impossible. If someone you love is experiencing memory loss, mood swings, confusion, and other signs of dementia, we can provide the specialized care they need.

Our caregivers also understand the symptoms and risks posed by Alzheimer's disease and the other types of dementia. They can make sure your loved one eats regular meals, takes their medications, and goes to their appointments. They can also provide updates on your loved one's condition.

Our Ready-Set-Go Home Program

When your loved one returns home from the hospital, they face the highest risk of readmission in the first few weeks. This is most often due to unclear discharge instructions, poor follow-up, or complications that are spotted too late.

To reduce this risk, our caregivers can be there for your family at the hospital and at home. We can help clarify any details with your loved one's physicians, support your loved one's recovery at home, keep track of medications and follow-up appointments, and identify complications early on.

Our Safe & Steady Fall Prevention Program

For seniors, a single fall can cause serious injuries. To help your loved one live comfortably and retain their independence for as long as possible, we created our Safe & Steady Fall Prevention Program.

Our care professionals can identify ways to modify your loved one's home, from adding handrails to improving the lighting. They can also assess your loved one's personal risk factors and make walking support a part of their home care.

Palliative Care in Bloomfield

Our palliative care is a holistic service we offer for clients with serious health issues. Our care professionals can tend to your loved one's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being and uplift your family at this difficult time.

End of Life Care in Bloomfield

At Visiting Angels Farmington, we're here for you as you face your hardest moments as a family. We provide end of life care for clients in the end of life transition or the final stages of an illness. Our caregivers can minimize your loved one's discomfort and help your family with whatever you need.

Social Care in Bloomfield

If your elderly loved one isn't comfortable with online tools like video chat or social media, our caregivers can teach them how to use these resources to connect with their family and friends.

Get Started with Home Care in Bloomfield Today

At Visiting Angels Farmington, we're here to support you at what can be an emotional time for any family. Call us today at (505) 516-1150 to discuss your situation and book a consultation for our home care in Bloomfield.

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