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Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease for Elderly Adults in Littleton, CO

In addition to providing quality Alzheimer's care in Littleton, CO, Visiting Angels can also help seniors minimize their risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s with a variety of home care services

Once a senior has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, their whole life changes. They might forget the names of people closest to them or how to enjoy their favorite activities. Eventually, seniors with Alzheimer's require professional home care or need to relocate to a nursing facility in order to stay safe and comfortable. Although the cure for this disease still hasn't been found, there are several lifestyle changes your parent can make in order to reduce their risk of Alzheimer's disease. At Visiting Angels Littleton, we can help your loved one stick to these lifestyle changes so they can stay healthy and independent for years to come.

Mental Stimulation

Simple activities that mentally stimulate your loved one can improve their cognitive functioning and keep their brain healthy. According to a study from the National Institute of Health (NIH), seniors who engaged in at least 10 sessions of mental training improved their cognitive functioning months after the training and showed long-lasting improvements a decade later. In order to reduce their likelihood of Alzheimer's disease, your parent can make an effort to learn a new language or how to play an instrument, practice memorization or engage in stimulating activities like strategy games, puzzles, brain teasers and riddles.

Regular Exercise

Working out on a regular basis can do wonders not only for your parent's physical health but also for their brain health. In fact, a study from the Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation found that regularly exercising can reduce a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's by up to 50 percent. Therefore, make sure they include at least 150 minutes of exercise into their weekly schedule. Your parent should focus on cardio and strength training, as well as balance and coordination activities.

If your loved one is having a hard time finding a place to exercise, our home care providers can take them to and from senior centers, community centers, gyms and anywhere else they can exercise regularly.

Eating Healthy

Nutritious meals and a healthy diet can do wonders for your parent's health. In order to keep their brain functioning properly, your loved one needs to reduce their sugar intake, avoid trans fats and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as omega-3 fats. Encourage your loved one to cook at home instead of eating out. This way they can ensure they're eating fresh and healthy meals. If your parent needs assistance with cooking, our home care providers can help them with meal preparation.

Staying Socially Active

Even a moderate amount of social interaction can benefit your parent's brain health. There are so many ways your loved one can stay socially engaged, from engaging in weekly activities with their friends and joining a club, to volunteering and chatting with friends over the phone. If your parent wants to learn how to use social media in order to reach out to loved ones, our trained and patient home care providers will gladly teach them through our Social Care program.

Good Sleep

A good night's sleep is important for your parent's health, so they should get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule and removing the TV and the computer from the bedroom can help them sleep better. If you want to make sure your loved one is sleeping soundly at night, our in-home caregivers can monitor them overnight and make sure they don't get up and wander around.

Stress Management

If your loved one is regularly stressed out, it can negatively affect their brain and nerve cell growth, which can increase their risk of Alzheimer's disease. Helping them develop healthy stress management techniques can help them feel more relaxed. Even simple activities like deep breathing and taking a nice bath can help them destress.

At Visiting Angels, we offer home care services that can help your loved one reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer's. If you want to know about our care solutions, don't hesitate to call our Littleton, CO office.

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