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Supportive and Easy Technology to Keep Loved Ones Independent at Home Introducing CONSTANT COMPANION

We all want to stay as independent as possible as long as possible as we age. Most of us don’t want to leave our homes. Often there’s a gap between our desires and our reality and that gap often boils down to ‘safety’ or lack thereof. It’s in the perception of that safety net that typically causes a rift between loved ones and family members.

Visiting Angels’ new proprietary Constant Companion Home System provides a bridge to continued independence. Available to the general public nationally, whether you are a client of record or not, this “Alexa” system was designed specifically to support our daily routine and help us navigate some of the challenges that if not managed well could affect our safety.

This product can be used as a first step if you’re not ready for a caregiver, or to supplement when a caregiver or care partner is not there. Each family situation is different and Constant Companion works to virtually full-fill some of the critical reminders that may not warrant paying a caregiver for a several hour minimum. The learning curve to use it is very simple and there’s even a simple, large print, reminder flip book to help you practice.

Proprietary and Unique Benefits to a general “Alexa” system include:

  1. 100% HIPAA compliancy, with a $1million privacy guarantee.
  2. System comes to you with speakers for the entire home
  3. Voice activated speakerphone calls that are both audio and video
  4. Voice-activated 24/7 CALL FOR HELP
  5. Monitored urgent response center which is 3x faster than top market options
  6. Intercom system to speak with others in the home
  7. An option for daily care calls with a follow-up email sent to family
  8. No need for internet, or a specific kind of phone line – it’s completely self-contained
  9. 100% programmed to your location with your emergency contacts already programmed in.
  10. You can have the daily call service without the entire Alexa assistance program.
  11. No contractual obligations – month-by-month service.

For those who aren’t familiar with all the assistance the Alexa Assistant can provide, the system includes:

  1. Smart assistant to help with medication reminder, pet care, schedule and calendar notifications and more
  2. Social engagement without use of the telephone to friends and family member who have the App just by using your voice
  3. Questions and Answers
  4. Music on demand – for fun, to wake up or go to sleep
  5. Stories to engage and relax
  6. Games – fun, laughter, jokes, daily interaction – to enjoy/play alone or with others
  7. News/Weather/Time – to stay current and connected

Constant Companion can be an excellent liaison helping loved ones adjust to Assisted Living and Memory Care too!

Even when people move by choice into assisted living, there is still a period of adjustment. With the excitement of less stuff to worry about, less house to clean and new friends to meet can also come a little concern thinking ‘what did I just do?’ Change is change and requires some time to adjust not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Having your friends, family and neighbors just a voice command away can be incredibly reassuring.

For those individuals moving into Memory Café this device and bring familiar faces to our loved ones without them needing to do or remember anything. Family can just ‘drop in’ and chat, see how loved ones are doing and get a glimpse as to what’s going on at any given time of day.

As people were quarantined and isolated this option for connection was invaluable.

Click HERE for more details and pricing. When you look at the cost of bringing a caregiver in when someone needs sporadic or just a little assistance and oversight, investigating and considering this amazing service is worth your time.

Constant Companion is there to provide consistency and support to those who need a little assistance, reassurance and engagement. For questions, please call Constant Companion Info at 480-833-8247

Serving Tempe, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Sun Lakes, Gold Canyon, San Tan Valley, Florence, Chandler & Gilbert

Visiting Angels MESA, AZ
701 W Southern Ave #103
Mesa, AZ 85210
Phone: 480-833-8247

Serving Tempe, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Sun Lakes, Gold Canyon, San Tan Valley, Florence, Chandler & Gilbert

Visiting Angels MESA, AZ
701 W Southern Ave #103
Mesa, AZ 85210
Phone: 480-833-8247