Tips from Visiting Angels Hartford for Alzheimer's Care 

As a Connecticut Alzheimer's care agency, Visiting Angels® Hartford knows that supporting an aging relative with the disease is stressful. Not only can it be physically daunting, but mentally and emotionally draining, as well. It's certainly a task that requires plenty of patience and flexibility. If you're struggling, here are some tips to help you best cope and continue to meet your loved one's needs: 

Focus on maintaining a schedule. For someone with Alzheimer's, having a consistent daily routine is key. Not only will it help to limit confusion and frustration, but agitation, too. Routines keep your loved one calm and focused, and help them to feel more in control when they know what's coming next. Also, if there is a time of day your loved one especially struggles during, try not to schedule outings and appointments at that time.

Create a safe environment. As the Alzheimer's progresses, your loved one might start to have issues with mobility and judgment. That's why it's important to ensure the environment they're in is as safe as possible. For instance, install handrails and grab bars in key locations throughout the home. Get rid of area rugs or clutter on the floor that could lead to a fall. Also, make sure locks are installed on cabinets where potentially dangerous substances, such as medications, are stored. 

Keep things clear and simple. As an Alzheimer's care agency, Visiting Angels Hartford knows that as your loved one's cognition is impacted by the disease, it's best to keep things simple to prevent confusion and agitation. For instance, rather than asking what they want to do for the day, provide two simple and clear options for them to choose from. Also, keep stimulation in the home – such as the television – to a minimum, so your loved one can better stay focused. 

Embrace flexibility. While it is important to stick to a daily routine, Alzheimer's can often make life unpredictable. In addition, as the disease becomes more advanced, your loved one's abilities and preferences will change with it. So try to stay flexible and adapt to any new situations, as needed. 

Visiting Angels Hartford: For Professional Alzheimer's Care at Home

If your loved one is facing an Alzheimer's diagnosis – and requires care that you can't give them – call in the professionals at Visiting Angels Hartford. We can provide support that supplements what you and your other family members are able to deliver, or we can offer services around-the-clock, every day. With Alzheimer's care from Visiting Angels Hartford, your loved one will receive personalized assistance that ensures they're safe and comfortable at home. 

Call Visiting Angels Hartford today to book your no-cost consultation. Our Alzheimer's care is available to seniors suffering from early-, mid- and late-stage Alzheimer's across Hartford, CT, as well as many of the surrounding areas, such as Hartford, Southington, Farmington, New Britain, Wolcott, and Newington.

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