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Tips On Helping Your Aging Loved One Maintain Their Yard During The Fall

Family members can contribute to their  loved one’s home care services by helping with fall yard work and other outdoor chores

Fall may be the perfect time of the year for millions of senior Americans. Leaves are changing colors, temperatures are just about right, and there is an abundance of organic harvest foods at the local farmers’ market. All in all, autumn is a beautiful season.

But for some older adults, autumn also comes with its challenges. It should come as no surprise that for seniors who require professional home care services, one of the biggest challenges every fall is organizing and performing yard work. Certain yard tasks may be too strenuous for some seniors – especially those with strength and mobility issues.

If you have a loved one who is living independently, it is most likely that they will turn to you for help with the upcoming yard work. Let a professional caregiver provide the in-home care your loved one needs – they’re qualified, experienced and better prepared to meet your loved one’s physical needs. You and your family can still contribute to your loved one’s well-being by helping with yard work and other season chores.

Fall Yard Work Checklist

Before you commence any yard work on your own or hire outside help, first you need to know what exactly needs to be done in the yard. To help you with this, experts from care services consulted with home improvement professionals to create a fall yard work checklist. Here’s what your checklist may include:

  • Check window and door seals on the house
  • Check the roof and inspect shingles
  • Turn off the outdoor water supply and drain outdoor spigots
  • Drain the sprinkler system, fold and properly store hoses
  • Rake leaves
  • Clear out the gutter
  • Fertilize cool-season grasses
  • Prune plants
  • Cover the plants with a layer of mulch to protect them from the cold
  • Plant shrubs, bulbs, roses, and cool-season annuals

You can tackle the work in your loved one’s yard in one of three different ways, depending on what choice you make. Here’s what experts from care services suggest:

  • Perform the yard work with your loved one’s help: Clearing the gutter or raking leaves may be too difficult for Mom or Dad, but they can sure help with pruning plants. Yard work can be a good way for your loved one to move their body and strengthen their bones and muscles.
  • Do the work yourself or with the help from family: If your loved one should refrain from yard work for any reason, you can handle the job at hand on your own or ask other family members to help you. For major projects in the yard, put aside a weekend or two. If you live in the vicinity, you can divide yard work over the course of a few days.
  • Hire a professional landscape care service: When you are pressed for time or you happen to live far away, hiring professional yard service may be your best option. It is not the cheapest solution, but if you do some research and check reviews, you will surely come across an affordable and quality service in your loved one’s area.

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Serving Hartford, West Hartford and the Surrounding Areas

Visiting Angels NEWINGTON, CT
66 Cedar St #301
Newington, CT 06111
Phone: 860-372-4429