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In Home Care in West Hartford

In Home Care in West Hartford

Provider of in home care in West Hartford hugging elderly patient

How To Improve Accessibility Around The Home

It makes sense that most seniors want to remain in the home. They don't want to trade the comfort and independence of home for a retirement facility. But it's also important to make sure they can live at home safely. In home care services in West Hartford can help to ensure they have professional support to ease their days. Making small improvements around the home can help, too. 

At Visiting Angels┬« Newington, we make fall prevention and safety two priorities with our caregiver services. Let's take a look at how to upgrade the home with safety in mind.  

3 Rooms Where Improving Accessibility Matters 

Most people know the bathroom should be a main focus for improving accessibility features. But that's not all. For seniors, plenty of other spaces throughout the home may be more difficult to use. Here are three areas to focus on: 

  • The kitchen. For older individuals in West Hartford, making meals and navigating hot appliances may be a safety concern. In home care services can take those tasks off your loved one's plate. In addition, it's worth replacing any mats with cushioned, anti-slip mats for greater safety. Think about adding extendable shelving in cupboards and pantries for easier access. Replacing knob faucets with lever-style faucets can be a big help as well. 
  • The living room. Because of its everyday use, the living room can easily acquire clutter and other fall risks. First and foremost, caregiver services can help with light daily housekeeping. In addition, it's worth removing any standing lamp units with wall sconces or other hard-wired lighting. Secure shelves and television sets to the walls. Also, make sure there's enough clearance to move around tables and chairs easily. Install corner guards on furniture if necessary.
  • The bedroom. When seniors have to use the bathroom at night, or get dressed early in the morning, the bedroom can become newly precarious. Think about adding a grab bar for the bed, so your loved one doesn't have to struggle to get up. A second railing in the closet can help them access clothing items more easily. You'll want to tape down any carpeting or rugs, or place non-slip mats beneath them. 

Get Started With In Home Care in West Hartford 

When you need qualified in home care services that prioritize safety, Visiting Angels Newington is here for you. We provide caregivers to seniors in: 

  • West Hartford
  • Newington
  • Farmington
  • Rocky Hill
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get started with our trusted in home care services in West Hartford. Call Visiting Angels Newington for more information.

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