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Home Care Agency Valley Village, CA

Home Care Agency Valley Village, CA

Home Care Agency Valley Village, CA

Personalized Home Care at Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels is California’s top choice for a home care agency in Valley Village. We offer customized home care services so you can stay safe, healthy, and happy no matter what condition you may be managing. Our professional services assist individuals in a wide range of vulnerable situations, including recovery from a recent medical procedure, a cancer diagnosis, or health complications following infection from the Covid-19 virus.

To learn more about how the caregivers at Visiting Angels can provide assistance with personalized home care in Valley Village, CA, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Why Choose Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels is a home care agency dedicated to the care that requires extra assistance due to some form of affliction, no matter their condition or how much care they require. Our goal is to provide care that improves your quality of life in every way possible, and our caregivers are knowledgeable on a wide variety of home care services. To ensure your overall well-being, we offer the following home care services:

  • Light housekeeping

  • Toileting and incontinence care

  • Running errands

  • Transportation

  • Medication reminders

  • Conversation and companionship

  • And much more!

Our Home Care Services

Our home care agency in Valley Village, CA assists individuals experiencing health issues and advanced aging. Our team of skilled and licensed caregivers is dedicated to serving you with compassion and sincere concern for your well-being.

Continue reading for more information on our home care services, or schedule a free in-home consultation with us today so we may assess your needs and provide you with the comprehensive care you need.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are degenerative conditions that greatly affect a person’s mental function, including their memory and overall language skills. These disorders can be especially difficult for family caregivers to handle, as they can dramatically alter a person’s mood, personality, and memory. Individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia may forget friends and family members altogether and reach a point where the support of a professional is the only way to ensure they receive suitable care. 

Visiting Angels’ professional caregivers provide constant patient and compassionate care for clients managing disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, and we’ll work with families to customize care toward every client’s needs.

Post-Op Care

After any operation or medical procedure, it’s important to remain attentive and cautious to avoid any injury during recovery. Wounds and surgical incisions need time to heal, and the most effective way to fast-track recovery is through proper rest and aftercare. Our caregivers have experience assisting patients following numerous operations from heart surgery to rhinoplasty. Our post-op care guarantees your doctor’s aftercare orders are fully adhered to and that you don’t have to place any unnecessary pressure on your body.

Post-Covid Care

Just as post-operative care necessitates a special amount of sensitivity, the time period after a Covid-19 diagnosis and infection can be particularly delicate. Covid-19 can have severe effects on a person’s body, and it’s crucial to remain rested and hydrated as the body fights off the infection. Our home care agency provides post-Covid care to facilitate recovery and ensure clients get the support they need during such a vulnerable time.

Cancer Care

Our cancer care is one of our most requested services, as our professional caregivers provide care that is second-to-none for those managing cancer symptoms and treatment. Our goal in all areas of care is to improve the quality of life and comfort of our clients, and our cancer care ensures anyone suffering or recovering from cancer remains as comfortable as possible.

Hospital Caregivers

Although our specialty is home care, our caregiving services are not restricted to the place you call home. Our caregivers in Valley Village, CA also offer hospital care to supplement and complement the care you’re already receiving at a medical facility. Hospital workers have been stretched thin and in short supply in recent years due to the overwhelming amount of Covid-19 patients, so our hospital caregivers fill in to provide personalized care services alongside the professional medical care you’re receiving.

Areas We Serve

Visiting Angels provides quality home care services to the following regions in California:

Get Started with Visiting Angels in Valley Village, CA

Visiting Angels is a home care agency that you can trust for experienced and professional support. With our team of skilled, trained, and experienced caregivers, you and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing you’re in capable hands. Your comfort is at the center of everything we do, no matter your medical condition or personal health situation.

For more information on our quality caregivers or to schedule a free in-home assessment, contact our home care agency in Valley Village, CA today!

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