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Home Care Services in Pagosa Springs

Home Care Services in Pagosa Springs

provider of home care services in Pagosa Springs standing with senior patient

We all have aging loved ones who need care and attention. Making sure they have the best quality of professional care is so important. If you're not sure whether home care services or nursing home care is the right choice in Pagosa Springs, Visiting Angels┬« Southwest Colorado can offer help.

When you've never had to review options for senior care, you may be wondering what the difference is between a retirement facility and home care. Let's review the differences. 

What To Expect: Benefits of Home Care Services in Pagosa Springs

When we set up home care services, we take a unique approach with every client in Pagosa Springs. While every care plan looks different, they often share the same benefits: 

  • The comfort of aging in place. The transition to a retirement facility can be a challenging time for seniors and their families alike. An environment change can be disorienting and debilitating for many aging individuals. With professional caregiver services, your loved one can get the support and attention needed without disruption. In doing so, we help our clients age in place on their preferred terms, in their own home. 
  • A caregiver you know and trust. With a nursing facility, care tasks are often distributed amongst all staff who take on the care needs for all residents. This could mean a stranger is involved in making care decisions for your loved one. With our agency, we make sure families know and trust the caregiver supporting your loved one. Care is always administered by the same consistent caregivers. Any crucial care decisions are made in consultation with family. 
  • An adaptive, attentive approach. When it comes to a family member's condition and needs, things can change quickly and with very little advance notice. Our approach to home care takes this into account. We can swiftly update care plans if needed, increasing the frequency of visits or altering the care we provide. Your loved one's attentive caregiver will also monitor their overall condition, ensuring that if anything changes, we can alert you right away. 

Help Your Family Member Flourish At Home  

If you're considering home care services, Visiting Angels Southwest Colorado can assess the current situation, discuss care options, and supply any professional advice that's relevant. We make it easier to get compassionate, quality care for seniors everywhere, including: 

  • Pagosa Springs
  • Alamosa
  • Farmington
  • Southwest Colorado
  • Durango
  • San Luis Valley
  • Cortez
  • And throughout the surrounding area

With home care services in Pagosa Springs, you can help your loved one age in place on their own terms. Call Visiting Angels Southwest Colorado to get started today. 

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