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Creating a Cozy and Accessible Home Environment for Seniors

Creating a Cozy and Accessible Home Environment for Seniors

Home can seem like the one constant in an ever-changing world, but our homes don’t always age with us (or as gracefully). You might find yourself walking around the house wondering when and how tasks you once passed off as second nature now take more time and effort than ever. When our homes start working against us, it’s time to make a change. 

Modifying your home to create a cozier, more accessible, and safer environment doesn’t have to cut your wallet in half or spike your blood pressure. Instead, you can approach home modifications with a plan by incorporating any arrangements you need due to medical concerns. You can take advantage of the many benefits of aging in place, from building confidence and independence to relaxing in a familiar setting. 

How to Create a Cozy and Accessible Home for Seniors

When you make home modifications, you can plan a strategy to tackle everything at once or take things slowly by completing one task at a time. 

Interior Living Space

Minor changes in your home living space can make a huge difference when you age in place. Here are several ways you can modify common living spaces to age with you: 

  • Replace door knobs with easy-to-grab handles. 
  • Smart technology such as security systems, thermostats, and doorbells can help automate home care. 
  • Replace rugs with non-slip mats. 
  • Install handrails along staircases.
  • Any hallways or door openings should be at least 3 feet wide to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Replace toggle light switches with illuminated rocker panel switches. 
  • Install and maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 
  • Place night lights along common paths, such as the bathroom or kitchen. 

Keeping a list of emergency numbers handy is also a good idea. You can post these on the refrigerator or somewhere easily accessible.


If there’s one place you make your senior loved one’s home more accessible, it should be the kitchen. Here are a few tips on how to create a safer kitchen environment: 

  • Maintain an open counter ready for meal preparation.
  • Appliance levers should be easy to grasp.
  • Create space in below-counter drawers for commonly used items.

You should be able to operate everything in your kitchen from chair height. If not, consider a Visiting Angels Webster caregiver who can help you prepare and plan meals.


The bathroom is one room we most often consider modifying as we age. Check out these ideas for inspiration: 

  • Invest in a walk-in tub with a removable adjustable-height showerhead
  • Install grab bars around the toilet and tub or shower
  • Place a chair or stool in the shower to use or rest upon 
  • Toilet seats should sit no more than 17 inches above the ground

To prevent injury, try to remove any sharp corners or pad them. Consider installing a phone in your bathroom in case of an emergency. 


Decorating your bedroom to suit your personality can help you embrace life. Add safety to the list with these bedroom modifications: 

  • Bedroom doors should be at least 32 inches wide for walkers and wheelchairs
  • Nightstands should match the height of the bed for ease of reach 
  • The mattress should sit no higher than 22 inches off the ground
  • Door handles should be easy to grasp 
  • Consider installing bed rails if you’re an active sleeper 

Any closets in the home should have sliding doors and shelves no deeper than 18 inches. Clothes within closets should be accessible and reachable on top shelves.


It’s often easy to overlook modifying the exterior of your home for safety as you age. Below are tips to consider regarding external modification of your home: 

  • Walkways should be 4 feet wide. 
  • Locate doorbells at least 4 feet high and ensure they’re loud enough to be heard from the furthest point away from your front door.
  • Install handrails along any ramps.
  • Ramps should rise no more than an inch per foot and be at least 3 feet wide.
  • Accessible parking spaces should measure 12 by 6 feet with 4 feet of clearance on each side.
  • Garage doors should measure 9 feet across for wheelchair-access vans.

Before you knock down any exterior walls or start other major work, speak to the City of Webster Building Division to determine whether you need a permit. 

How Visiting Angels Webster Helps Seniors Feel at Home 

In addition to the many tips to keep your senior’s home safe and secure you saw above, Visiting Angels Webster would also like to extend our caregiving services to local seniors struggling with aging in place. Our caregivers are experienced in assisting you with various daily tasks, from personal care and light housekeeping to transportation to medical and personal appointments. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how Visiting Angels Webster can safely help your senior loved one age in place.

Serving Southeast Houston and the Bay Area Communities

Visiting Angels WEBSTER, TX
16940 Highway 3
Webster, TX 77598
Phone: 832-632-2273