Companion Care at Home for New Haven Seniors

One of the biggest concerns of independent seniors is the potential for falls, and understandably so. The National Institute of Health estimates that each year more than 1.6 million seniors go to the emergency room for fall related injuries. Falls are the leading source of trauma related hospital stays, fractures and deaths due to injury for the elderly. It helps to be aware of the risk factors and how you can help prevent falls for your loved one. One way to help reduce the threat is by utilizing home care services from Visiting Angels® New Haven.

Complications of Falling

Many seniors have a fear of falling due to the possible complications it may cause. Fractures of the hip, pelvis, ankle, spine, hand, or arm are common outcomes of falling. Hip fractures are a major contributor to loss of independence for the elderly and some seniors may not recover. The fear of falling can lead your loved one to avoid walking or going out, which can have an impact on their overall health and well-being. There are steps you can take to help your loved one avoid these complications and elderly companion care at home from Visiting Angels New Haven is one of them.

Home Risks Which Contribute to Falls

Over half of senior falls occur at home during everyday activities. And elderly care professional from Visiting Angels New Haven can assist your loved one with the activities of daily living, thereby decreasing the risk of falling.

If you are wondering what types of home risks to be on the lookout for, consider addressing these:

  • Loose rugs on the floor can trip your loved one when walking
  • Clutter on floors or steps can also cause tripping
  • No railings on stairs can increase fall risk
  • Medications can cause dizziness or confusion
  • Vision issues such as cataracts and glaucoma
  • Muscle weakness in the legs
  • Drops in blood pressure upon standing

How Companion Care at Home Can Help

When it comes to fall prevention for seniors, the good news is that a senior care specialist from Visiting Angels New Haven can help. They provide assistance with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, walking, transferring, light housekeeping, and other essential personal activities. Visiting Angels New Haven also offers a free in home safety assessment as part of our companion care at home services for seniors in Woodbridge, Milford, Cheshire, Branford, North Haven and surrounding communities in Connecticut.

Call Visiting Angels New Haven to discover more about our elderly companion care at home and to schedule your free in home assessment.

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